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How To Catch Jack Crevalle

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Do you want to learn how to catch jack crevalle? Do you want to put your angling skills to the test? Jack crevalle is one of the hardest fighting fishes for its size. Jack crevalle can be found all over the world in tropical and subtropical waters. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of fishing for jack crevalle and how to catch it.





How To Catch Jack Crevalle













How To Catch Jack Crevalle

Few anglers actually set out fishing for jack crevalle. Most of the time they are caught when anglers are fishing for redfish, spotted seatrout, snook, and other fishes. Jacks are schooling fish and this creates competition for food. The competition brings out the aggression in them and this makes them grab at any bait or lure. Hence, while fishing for other fish, you can easily catch jack crevalle.

However, some anglers do target jacks using bait and lures. The tackle you use depends on the size of the jack. You can use light spinning tackle if you are fishing on the flats for 2-pounds jacks. However, if you are opting for the large ones around inshore wrecks, bridges, reefs, deep bays, canals, jetties, docks, and piers, you will need a more conventional tackle. A 7-foot medium-action spinning rod with a 2500 to 3000 series reel will work for most inshore fishing.





1. Chumming

Chumming and fly fishing are fishing techniques that are used by anglers to catch jack crevalles. You can use live bait to chum. Drop live baits into the water at intervals and this will attract jacks and other fish to get the bait. By doing this repeatedly at intervals, the fish be expecting more of the bait and you can use that opportunity to send your bait down to get some fish. You can also use your fly fishing skills during the winter months to catch jacks when they are feeding on the surface with baitfish.





Tricks For Jack Crevalle Fishing










2. Trolling

Trolling can also be used to catch jacks using lures in winter when they move into area rivers, creeks, and residential canals. Trolling can also be used to catch jack crevalles in open waters, inshore bays, and passes.





3. Drifting

You can also drift the flats for jacks. Anglers move their boat upwind and up-tide of the flats, casting lures in front of the boat or live baits behind the boat or beneath the boat. You can use jigs when drifting the flats.





Tricks For Fishing Jack Crevalle










4. Vertical Jigging

Vertical jigging is another productive fishing technique to catch jack crevalles. In waters deeper than 15 feet, you drop a 1/4-ounce to 1/2-ounce jig down to the bottom. As the boat drifts along, the jig bounces up and down. It will kick up little puffs of sand each time it hits the bottom. This action mimics the crab and it attracts jack to think that is a crab doing that.





Jack Crevalle Fishing Tackle

You can use the regular tackle used to catch most fish like spotted seatrout, redfish, and others. A 7-foot medium action rod with a 2500 or 3000 series reel will work for a 5-pound-sized jack crevalle. You will need better tackle for bigger jacks.





Tips For Fishing Jack Crevalle









Best Jack Crevalle Baits

1. Mullet



2. Herring



3. Pilchards



4. Shrimp



5. Baitfish



6. Sardines



7. Pinfish



8. Croaker



9. Grunts





Jack Crevalle Fishing









Best Lures For Jack Crevalle

1. Topwater Plugs



2. Spoons



3. Bucktail Jigs



4. Poppers



5. Jerkbaits



6. Spoons





Jack Crevalle Fishing Tips










Jack Crevalle Fishing Tips

1. When you are fishing for jack crevalle, always be on the lookout for areas of the water that appear to be “boiling”. When schools of hungry jack crevalles are devouring baitfish near the surface then this happens and it looks as if the water is boiling.




2. Use large live bait when fishing for jack crevalle.




3. Jack crevalle can resist a lively baitfish.





Jack Crevalle Fishing Ideas













4. You will get the attention of a jack crevalle with anything that is noisy or disrupts the water.




5. Jack crevalle is attracted by fast-moving targets, therefore retrieves quickly with hard, fast jerks.




6. Fish for jack crevalle in open water areas and cast near seawalls where it corrals mullet or other prey against the wall.





Jack Crevalle Fishing Tricks











7. Make sure you have at least 200 yards of line spooled up and use 20 pounds to 40-pound monofilament leader.




8. Jack crevalle may not get hooked on their first attempt. keep reeling until you feel a solid hook-up and the jack making an attempt to run.




9. Be careful when you handle a jack. Don’t grab a jack crevalle by the lip as they have very strong jaws. Avoid the sharp spines along their dorsal fins.





Jack Crevalle Fishing Hacks














10. When fishing for jack crevalle, be on the lookout for diving birds.




11. Look for jacks around structures like rocks, jetties, bridges, docks, etc.




12. Use a shock leader to prevent the jack from fraying the line.





Ideas For Jack Crevalle Fishing














13. You can use artificial lures and flies to catch jacks.




14. A stout hook is required when fishing with artificial lures.




15. You can fly fish for jack when they are found feeding on the surface during the winter months.




16. Jack crevalle is a schooling fish. Cast to the edge of a feeding school, not in the middle.




Ideas For Fishing Jack Crevalle














17. Fish inlets and passes for jack crevalles.




18. You can catch jack crevalles in the surf.




19. Fish for jack crevalles in the night around lighted docks, piers, jetties, seawalls, and bridges.




20. Look for jack crevalles on reefs and wrecks.




Fishing Jack Crevalle











21. You will need a heavy tackle and strong hooks for large jacks.




22. Chumming with live bait is effective when fishing for jacks.




23. You can drift the flats for jacks.




24. Trolling can be used to catch jack crevalle using lures when they move to area rivers, creeks, and residential canals during the winter months.




How To Catch Jack Crevalle













25. You can drift, anchor, and fish from the shore in inlets and passes.




26. Most anglers use plugs when trolling for jack crevalles.




27. Vertical jigging is a very productive fishing technique for catching jack crevalles.





Is jack crevalle hard to catch?
Jack crevalle will aggressively attack bait and lure as the competition in the school requires aggressiveness to feed. Additionally, they are one of the hardest fighting fishes you will encounter as they never give up the fight.
Is jack crevalle good at eating?
Jack crevalle is not considered a good-eating fish. It is regarded as a good gamefish only.
Will jack crevalle eat cut bait?
Jack crevalle eats cut bait and live bait.
Is jack crevalle fun to catch?
Jack crevalle is fun to catch as they are one of the hardest fighting fish and they never give up. They are a favorite gamefish for anglers.
What bait does jack crevalle eat?
Jack crevalle will eat shrimp, crabs, mullet, herring, sardines, bait fish, pinfish, croaker, and others.
Do you have to bleed jack crevalle?
Yes, you will have to bleed jack crevalle after catching it if you intend to eat it. Rip the gills and let the blood drain. This will stop the blood from continuously pumping into the flesh, making it taste better.
Can you use Vaseline on crossbow strings?
Never, ever use a vaseline-type rail lube as it can gum up your trigger.








The Bottom Line

Jack crevalle is a favorite gamefish for many anglers as it puts up a spirited fight when hooked and will never give up the fight. It can be found around the world in tropical and subtropical areas. Jacks aggressively attack baits and lures as the competition in the school requires aggressiveness.

In this article, we shared information about jack crevalle and fishing techniques to help you catch more jacks. If you are interested in catching cobia, ladyfish, and mackerel, then read how to catch cobia, how to catch ladyfish, and how to catch mackerel.








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