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The Pelican 1750-000-110 rifle case is a quality rifle case; it is a waterproof, crush-proof and dust-proof case. It has a three-piece customizable foam set that keeps your firearms and other elements intact. It is a strong lightweight case that has an O-ring seal and an automatic pressure equalization valve to make it very easy to open.  It has fold-down handles and strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings which renders it tough and convenient.

PELICAN 1750-000-110 Rifle Case Features:

  • Waterproof, crush-proof and dust-proof
  • Easy open double throw latches
  • Open cell core with solid wall design – strong, lightweight
  • O-Ring seal
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Pelican cases are kept watertight through the use of a tongue and groove fit and a polymer o-ring.
  • Pelican cases come standard with an Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve which releases built-up air pressure while keeping water out.

PELICAN 1750-000-110 Rifle Case Reviews:

The PELICAN 1750-000-110 Rifle Case is a top-line gun case. It is well built and also waterproof, crush-proof, and dust-proof. To keep your firearms in place, it has a three-piece customizable foam set.  It also features an O-ring seal and automatic pressure equalization valve which makes it easy to open.


It is a very well-designed rifle case. If you are looking for a rifle case that can meet all your storage and travel needs for your firearms, then you should consider the PELICAN 1750-000-110 Rifle Case.