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Are you in need of a crossbow case? Are you not sure which one is best for you? Some of the best crossbow cases have been reviewed to help you make an informed decision on the best crossbow case for your activities.


1.  Guide Gear Deluxe Universal Soft Crossbow Case

This crossbow case can be used for storing and protecting your crossbow in all kinds of weather and everyday handling. It can accommodate a crossbow with a scope or without one. It is made of durable material and is easy to carry with you on hunting trips.

Moreover, it features a 600-denier water-resistant polyester fabric that makes it waterproof. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, a carry handle, and a self-healing zipper.

Additionally, this crossbow case features 0.5-inch padding that another layer of protection for the crossbow. This crossbow case has a fitted shape that provides more protection and takes up less space.


       What We Like:

  • Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant Shell
  • Half-Inch Padding For Protection
  • Adjustable Strap & All-Round Zipper



2.  Plano Spire Crossbow Case

The Plano Spire Crossbow case features high-density foam padding, balanced carry handles, quiver storage, and protection. It is compact and has three heavy-duty latches to properly close the case.

Additionally, this crossbow case stands on its side thereby making it easy to store. It features interior lashing straps to hold it securely in place. It also features padlock clasps.


       What We Like:

  • Three Heavy-Duty Latches
  • Stands On Its Side
  • Easy Storage
  • High-Density Foam Padding




3.  CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG Crossbow Case

The CenterPoint crossbow case is made of 100% polyester 600D outer shell. It features an accessory pocket and a semi-rigid arrow compartment.

Additionally, this crossbow case has an adjustable and detachable padded shoulder sling and durable heavy-duty #10 zippers. It also features a comfortable carry handle. This crossbow case accommodates most crossbows.


        What We Like:

  • 100% Polyester 600D Material




4.  Plano Bow Max Crossbow Case

This crossbow’s hard-shell case can comfortably and securely accommodate your crossbow, the scope, and its quiver. It features a high-density foam with tie-down straps to securely store your bow.

Additionally, it is constructed with thick walls and crush-resistant security with the PillarLock system to protect your crossbow. It weighs 18 lbs.


       What We Like:

  • PillarLock System
  • Thick Walk & Crush-Resistant Security



5.  Silfrae Tactical Crossbow Case

The Silfrae crossbow case has a professional T-shaped design and an adjustable shoulder strap that makes carrying it easy. It is made of high-quality canvas, is lightweight, and fits most crossbows.

Additionally, this crossbow case has pockets to store small accessories on your hunting trip. It also features a high-quality zipper that provides long-lasting service.


        What We Like:

  • Professional T-Shaped Design



6.  SAS Deluxe Crossbow Case

The SAS crossbow case is made of 600D polyester. It has a removable sling and a comfortable shoulder strap. This crossbow case is well padded to protect your crossbow.

It also features two pockets as storage for additional hunting accessories. The additional storage compartments can store arrows up to 22 inches. It is 39 x 27 x 8 inhes in dimensions.


        What We Like:

  • 600D Polyester
  • Removable Sling



7.  Barnett Whitetail Crossbow Case


The Barnett Whitetail crossbow case is ergonomically designed and fits all the recruit compound series, the raptor series, the whitetail hunter, and black spur crossbows. However, it does not fit step-through-risers (STR). This crossbow case is padded for the safety of the crossbow and it has a waterproof zipper.


       What We Like:

  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Ergonomically Designed



8.  Barnett Tru Bark Camo Crossbow Case

This Barnett crossbow case has a high definition camouflaged design. It fits all recruit compound series, raptor FX3, whitetail hunter II, and black spur crossbows. It does not fit the whitetail hunter pro STR.

It is ergonomically designed and features a waterproof zipper. This camo crossbow case can be safely hung on your bow as its foot stirrup is designed outside the case.


        What We Like:

  • Foot Stirrup Outside
  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Ergonomically Designed



9.  LWANO Crossbow Case

The LWANO Crossbow Case is made of durable canvas and offers no-worry protection. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap and zipper that make it easy to carry.

This crossbow case has enough room to store many other hunting items. Additionally, it features two side pockets. It is versatile and has a rugged design.


        What We Like:

  • Lightweight & Convenient
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap



10.  TenPoint Stag Hard Crossbow Case

The TenPoint crossbow case is a rigid and water-resistant case with a velvet interior. It is designed for durability and maximum protection. The interior has two hook and loop straps to securely fasten the crossbow and storage for a quiver.

Additionally, this crossbow case features an integrated stirrup pass-thru with a storm flap that allows you to hang the crossbow. It is a TSA-compliant case.


      What We Like:

  • Durability
  • Water-Resistant
  • TSA Compliant



11.  TenPoint Blazer Soft Crossbow Case


The TenPoint Blazer is lightweight, rugged, and water-resistant. It also features a foam-padded interior with a hook and loop strap to secure the crossbow when you travel.

Additionally, it has two external zippered pockets and one internal zippered pocket for storage. It also features two padded quick-release straps that can be used to carry the case.

Moreover, the TenPoint Blaczer case features a side-mounted rubber grip handle and a top nylon handle that provides easy storage and transportation.


      What We Like:

  • Lightweight & Rugged
  • Water-Resistant



12.  OMP Compact Crossbow Case

The OMP crossbow case is made from 600-Denier material. It also features a soft-sided interior design that provides maximum protection. It has a high-rise rear design that allows it to be used with scoped crossbows. This crossbow case has an adjustable strap.

Additionally, it has a compartment that can store other hunting items and a top mount quiver shell that provides more storage. Its semi-rigid design features heavy-duty zipper pulls that allow for easy loading and guarantees a proper fit and form.


       What We Like:

  • 600-Denier Material
  • High-Rise Rear Design
  • Adjustable Strap


13.  Titan Copperhead Crossbow Case

The Titan crossbow case works well for narrow crossbows with a 15-inch or smaller un-cocked limb width. This case’s design is a proper fit for your crossbow and its compact storage solution.

It features 5 external pockets for more storage and a molded handle that gives a comfortable grip. Additionally, the Titan copperhead has an adjustable internal quiver pocket that provides protection for your bolts and crossbow.


This crossbow case also features a streamlined external styling as well as padded panels. It also has a soft brushed tricot lining to protect your crossbow when it is in the case.


       What We Like:

  • Ideal For Narrow Crossbows
  • 5 External Pockets
  • Adjustable Quiver Pocket



What To Look For In A Crossbow Case?

1.  Type of Case

When you are choosing a crossbow case, you want to determine which type of case you want. There are three types of cases. They are hard, soft, and backpack cases.

Soft cases are the cases often used by hunters. They are lightweight and protect your crossbow. However, they don’t provide the level of protection hard cases provide. They are compact and easy to store and take along when traveling.

Hard cases are made of strong and durable plastic or metal. If you are traveling by air, hard cases are a must-have. They are the ultimate protection from falls and rough handling. Moreover, they are more expensive than soft cases and are heavier. Backpack cases are actually soft cases designed with more storage.


2.  Storage

Another important factor to consider when deciding which crossbow case to buy is how much storage it has. The storage allows you to carry more of your hunting accessories. Hence, how much room it has for additional hunting items is very important.


3.  Padding

How much padding the crossbow has depends on the type of case. If it is a hard case, then it will have padding inside to securely and safely store and protect the crossbow.

On the other hand, if it is a soft case, then the padding will not be to the level of the hard case as the soft case is designed in the shape of the crossbow and fits it snugly.


4.  Handles

The handles provide you with a convenient way to carry the crossbow case. Hard cases usually have a plastic handle while soft cases have a gab handle and also adjustable shoulder straps.


5.  Security

Most hard cases have heavy-duty latches or TSA-compliant locks. Soft cases, on the other hand, usually feature a zipper for closure.



Types of Crossbow Cases

There are three types of crossbow cases. They are soft cases, backpack cases, and hardshell cases.

1.  Soft cases

Soft cases are lightweight and will protect your crossbow with your regular hunting routines. Soft cases are easy to use. However, they don’t give you the level of protection you get from hard cases. Soft cases are made from an exterior fabric with a softer material inside to protect the crossbow.


2.  Backpack

Backpack cases are soft cases with more pockets for storage. They also feature shoulder straps for easy transportation. It is a very useful case as it allows you to carry your crossbow and other items into the hunting area.


3.  Hard crossbow cases

Hard crossbow cases give you maximum protection. They keep your crossbow from getting knocked around and your string and limb in a secure and safe place.

They are made from strong and durable plastic or metal. Hard cases are a must if you are traveling by air transportation. Hard cases are built to withstand the impact of rough handling and falls. Many can be locked to provide another layer of security.



The Bottom Line

Crossbow cases protect the crossbow from getting damaged. A hunter cannot live without a crossbow case if he uses a crossbow to hunt. You can easily get overwhelmed with the variety of cases on the market if you are looking for one. In this guide, we have reviewed some of the best crossbow cases and also discussed the factors to consider when you
choose your crossbow case.