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Do you want to attract deer to your property and have them coming back over and over again? Are you looking for the best deer food plot seeds? Are you still wondering which deer food plot seeds to buy? We completely understand if you are a little overwhelmed.

With so many products on the market today, it can be challenging to select the right one you need. In this article, we narrow down the best deer food plot seeds and discuss them to help you make an informed decision.

1. Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover Food Plot Seed (Spring and Fall Planting)

The Imperial Clover food plot seed is made to make the fawns heavier, healthy, and produce more milk. It is packed with antler-building protein.

To enhance the ability of the seeds to survive, they are coated with RainBond. It is cold-tolerant as well as heat and drought resistant. This makes this food plot seed long-lasting as it can last up to 5 years from a single planting.

What We Like:

Makes Deer Healthy

Has Antler-Building Protein

Cold, Heat & Drought Resistant

Lasts Up To 5 Years

2. Whitetail Institute Imperial BowStand Food Plot Seed

If you are a bow hunter, then this is the deer food plot seed that you need. Imagine having a food plot on your property that attracts deer in a bow hunting range. That is just what the Imperial BowStand food plot seed will develop on your property.

It attracts deer to small, remote food plots for bow hunting. Bow hunting has never been easier than now. With this food plot, instead of trekking the woods and spending all the cold nights in your treestand waiting for a buck to come within your bow hunting range, you can have it right in your neck of the woods by planting this food plot seed.

Additionally, the Imperial BowStand food plot seed can be planted with minimal seedbed preparation. It includes radish, lettuce, and other highly attractive forages. It will flourish in partial shade and is drought and cold-resistant. With a pH booster, this food plot seed will optimize forage growth even in slightly acidic soils.

What We Like:

Ideal For Bow Hunting

Attracts Deer To Small Plots

Minimal Planting Effort

Works In Partial Shade

Contains pH Booster

3. Imperial Whitetail Conceal Food Plot Seed

Do you need to develop bedding areas, funnels, travel routes, screens, and other areas on your plot of land to attract deer? The Imperial Conceal produces tall and thick cover, about 8 feet or taller, that deer will like to use as cover and bedding areas. Imagine how attractive your plot of land will be for deer when they find food plots with a cover of 8 feet or more.

What We Like:

Develops Cover, Bedding Areas, Funnels, Travel Routes, Screens, etc.

Grows To Different Heights

4. Whitetail Institute FUSION Deer Food Plot Seed

This Imperial FUSION develops food plots that attract deer with its perennial forage chicory. It delivers high protein that fosters antler growth. It is cold-tolerant, drought and heat-resistant. Additionally, it is coated with RainBond which makes it survive for a long time. It combines Imperial Whitetail Clover with WINA-100 forage chicory to attract and hold deer year-round on your property.

Imagine developing this food plot and it keeps attracting deer all year without you needing to go out into the woods to hunt down deer. How nice. Instead of chasing the deer, you attract them to you and make hunting easier on your body.

What We Like:

Perfect Combination of Whitetail Clover & WINA-100 Forage Chicory

Cold, Drought & Heat Resistant

Antler-Building Protein

5. Whitetail Institute Winter-Greens Deer Food Plot Seed

Do you want to attract deer to your plot of land even during the winter? Have you tried other products and they were not as successful as you hoped for? The Winter-Greens food plot seed develops a food plot that deer can’t resist even during the winter. Why? Because deer love the taste of Winter-Greens and once they find it on your property, they will come to eat it.

When other food plots die during the winter, the Winter-Greens will grow tall, fresh, and green even under the snow. It becomes sweeter with the first frosts of fall. It is easy to plant and fast-growing.

What We Like:

Deer Love It

Green Even In Winter

Superb Late-Season Food Plot

6. Whitetail Institute No-Plow Deer Food Plot Seed

Do you have a plot of land that is remote and not easily accessible that you want to attract deer to? Presenting the No-Plow deer food plot seed. Don’t give up on your plot of land just because you can’t till the soil. If you can get to the plot of land by foot or a 4-wheeler, you can still plant a highly attractive and nutritious food plot.

The No-till deer food plot seed will develop a food plot and attract deer to your remote plot of land. It starts to grow after a few days after planting. It will attract deer throughout the deer hunting season. It will flourish in a wide variety of soil types.

What We Like:

Works On Untillable Soil

Provides Up To 9 Months of Attraction

Draw Deer To Your Property

7. Whitetail Institute Tall Tine Tubers Deer Food Plot Seed

The tall tine tuber deer food plot seed provides two food sources on your property: fast-growing foliage above ground and sweet tubers underground. This food plot seed allows you to grow a food plot on your property that will attract deer during the late fall and winter months.

The fast-growing foliage will attract deer and it becomes even sweeter when the fall frosts come in. Additionally, sweet tubers grow underneath that grow as large as a softball and provide nutrition through the winter. Imagine how this food plot will attract deer to your property when they not only discover the foliage but also the sweet tubers Underground. It is like a 2-for-1 deal.

What We Like:

Provides 2 Food Sources

Drought, Heat & Cold Resistant

Ideal Late Season Food

8. Hale Habitat & Seed Clovers

Do you want to attract deer to your property? Are you thinking about which food plots to grow that will keep deer coming all year round? The Hale Habitat & Seed Clovers food plot seed is a blend of medium red clover, alfalfa, ladino white clover, and chicory.

It develops a food plot with many plants that deer love to eat. This is one of the best perennial deer food plots and will attract deer to your property when they discover alfalfa, clover, and chicory.

What We Like:

Year-Round Deer Attractant

Clover, Alfalfa & Chicory Mix

9. Whitetail Institute Chic Magnet Deer Food Plot Seed

The Chic Magnet deer food plot seed develops a food plot with WINA-100 perennial forage chicory. It is more tender and tasty to deer than the traditional, more waxy textured chicories. Additionally, this food plot seed develops a food plot rich with nutrients that deliver 44% antler-building protein.

Moreover, it is durable and long-lasting as it is coated with RainBow for enhanced seedling survivability. It lasts up to 3 years from a single planting. It is cold, heat, and drought resistant.

What We Like:

Deer Attractant Food Plot

Drought, Heat & Cold Resistant

Antler-Building Protein

10. Whitetail Institute Beets & Greens Deer Food Plot Seed

This food plot seed is a mix of turnip, kale, tubers, beets, and radish. It develops a food plot that will attract deer to your property and hold them there during the fall and winter. This food plot seed develops a food plot that will be irresistible for deer once they discover beets, tubers, radishes, kale, and turnips during the fall and winter.

Imagine what a problem this food plot will solve when you don’t have to go out in the deep woods during the winter hunting for bucks. They will be drawn to your property where you have setup your hunting spot.

What We Like:

Attractive Variety of Turnips, Beets, Kale, & Radish

Superb Late Season Attraction

What To Consider When Choosing Deer Food Plot Seed

  1. Cold Tolerant

When choosing deer food plot seeds to develop a food plot to attract deer, you want seeds that are extremely cold tolerant. This makes it easy for the seeds to be long-lasting and flourish in any weather.

2. Heat Resistant

The food plot seed should also be heat resistant. This makes it robust, long-lasting, and can flourish under extreme weather conditions. Heat-tolerant food plot seeds will survive very hot weather temperatures and still grow the plants to develop the food plot. It is important when choosing food plot seeds that you find seeds that are resistant to extreme heat.

3. Drought Resistant

In addition to heat and cold resistance, you want food plot seeds that are also drought resistant. There will be times when a drought may occur or a situation similar to a drought may happen. Food plot seeds that are drought resistant will be more long-lasting and work in almost any environmental condition.

4. Life Duration

How long the food plot can last after a single planting is very important. When choosing a food plot seed, you want to know how long a food plot will last after a single planting. This information will give you an indication of the survivability of the food plot seed. There are some food plot seeds that last for more than 5 years before you will need to replant.

5. Highly Attractive

Another factor to consider when choosing food plot seeds is whether the seeds will develop a food plot that is irresistible for deer. This makes it easy to attract deer to your property and prevents you from going out into the woods to hunt them. This makes the task of hunting less tasking on your body as you can remain on your property and hunt deer.

6. Nutritional Value

When choosing a food plot seed, you want to know if the seeds will develop a highly nutritional food plot. Most food plot seeds have antler growth protein that nourishes the deer and facilitates antler growth. If you will be consuming the deer, then it is even more important that the food plot seeds provide much-needed nutrition to the deer.

7. Perennial Deer Attractant

A year-round deer food plot will be more appealing not only to the deer but also to you who will do the planting. When choosing food plot seeds, you should opt for food plot seeds that are perennial and will last all year.

This makes it easy on you as you don’t have to plant multiple times during the year. Once the planting is done, you can forget about planting and concentrate on growing the food plot to hunt deer.

8. Attractive Variety

Some food plot seeds develop a food plot with a variety of nutritional plants, that make the food plot irresistible for deer. There are different food sources that the deer can’t resist but come over and over to the food plot to eat.

What is the best time of year to plant a deer food plot?
The best time of the year to plant a deer food plot is early spring and fall.
What is the easiest deer plot to grow?
One of the easiest deer plots to grow is red clover.
How do you attract deer to land fast?
One of the best ways to attract deer to a plot of land is by growing a food plot where they can find food to eat. This will attract deer as they can easily find plants and crops to eat.
Should you mow your deer food plot?
Mowing your deer plots depends on the plants and crops that are in the food plot. I am not a big fan of mowing the food plot, but you can mow it a few times during the cooler months and observe how it responds to mowing. Mowing is not encouraged in the hotter months.
How often will deer visit a food plot?
It all depends on what is in the food plot, how the food plot is concealed with tall grass and other cover as well as how far is it from human traffic and hunting pressure. Nonetheless, deer feed about five times a day. So a good food plot with many plants and crops that deer like will be frequented by them many times during the day.

Walmart Deer Food Plot Seeds

Walmart carries a variety of deer food plot seeds that you can check out from this link.

Best Deer Food Plot Seeds

The Bottom Line

Deer food plot seeds make it easier to attract deer property. Instead of getting into the woods and tracking down deer, a deer food plot will bring the deer to your property where you can sit in your hunting spot and take down the best ones.

In this article, we reviewed the best deer food plot seeds to help you find the right ones you need to make a deer food plot. You can also read how to plant a food plot, how to hunt a food plot, and how to attract deer to your yard to get more tips on how to get deer to your property.