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Are you searching for the best tree stand harnesses? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the variety of treestand safety harnesses that are available on the market? Hunting from a treestand is a good way to hunt but your safety is even more important.

A hunting safety system should always be used when you climb in and out of a treestand. In this review, we will explain the different hunting safety harnesses available with regard to their characteristics so you can make an informed decision on the best hunting harnesses to buy.

1.  SITKA Gear Mountain Optics Hunting Harness

The Mountain Optics Harness features a silent magnetic one-handed front flap for binoculars. It also has removable and modular side pockets that can accommodate rangefinders, GPS, cell phones, and other accessories for fast and quiet access.

This hunting safety harness’ chassis features zippered stash pockets on the back for added secure storage. More storage is made possible by elastic pockets for wing gauges and calls. It also has an internal lens cloth to keep your optics clean and sharp for glassing. Mountain optics also has a brushed polyester face fabric for close-in silent stalks.

      What We Like:

  • Quiet Magnetic One-Handed Front Flap
  • Removable & Modular Side Pockets
  • Zippered Stash Pockets

2.  Hunter X-1 Hunting Harness

The Hunter X-1 Hunting Harness weighs only 2.5 lbs and is very comfortable and mobile. It has no dangling straps or confusing weave-through buckles. This hunting safety harness is very versatile and can be worn over any lightweight clothes or underneath cold-weather gear all season.

       What We Like:

  • Very Versatile
  • No Dangling Straps
  • Comfortable & Mobile

3.  Hunter Safety Harness

This safety harness is designed to be comfortable whether you are standing or sitting and needs no adjustments. This safety harness is easy to use with lightweight buckles for easy dressing while in the field. It features the ElimiShield scent control technology which treats the entire fabric of the safety harness like the straps, liners, and tethers, for its lifetime. Any odor has nowhere to hide as every single fiber is treated with ElimiShield.

This hunting safety harness features smart fabrics which keep you cool and dry all season long. The right fit zones keep the vest snug and eliminate any bulk. It absorbs more shock because the tether is 1.25″ thin.

        What We Like:

  • ElimiShield Scent Control Technology
  • Smart Fabrics
  • Right Fit Zones
  • Realtree X-Tra Camouflage

4.  Hunter Ultra-Lite Harness

The Hunter Ultra-Lite Harness features individual padded hexagons which provide maximum comfort and flexibility. It is very lightweight and meets excellent comfort. This hunting safety harness features a 25-inch upper-body webbing, shock tether, and waist buckle to reduce weight and bulk. There are no dangling straps thanks to its patented HHS design.

      What We Like:

  • Very Lightweight
  • Patented HHS Design

5.  Hunter RT Hybrid Harness

The Hunter RT Hybrid Harness features the ElimiShield scent control technology which treats the whole hunting safety harness for its lifetime killing any odor which may be detected by the target.

It is a new and improved hunting safety harness that is lightweight and has a mesh upper body for a comfortable fit. It features six pockets, binocular straps, and a mesh cell phone pocket. This safety harness also features padded hexagons which provide comfort and maximum flexibility while ascending and descending your tree stand. We did an in-depth review of the best field dressing kits and you can read that article from this link. This treestand safety harness works well for different types of tree stands.

       What We Like:

  • ElimiShield Scent Control Technology
  • Hunter Safety System Harness
  • Adjustable Tree Strap
  • Suspension Relief Strap
  • Economy Lineman’s Climbing Strap
  • Deer Drag

6. Muddy Magnum Pro Harness

The Muddy Magnum Pro Harness reduces the chance of falls and injury with its rugged tether. You get extra comfort and endurance during long sits with its padded shoulders and waist. This hunting safety harness also features easy cinch adjustable torso straps. Additionally, it reduces the possibility of alarming the target with noise with its noiseless and adjustable leg buckles. There is no metal-on-metal contact. We did a review of the best hunting boots that you can read through this link.

       What We Like:

  • Light Weight Padded Nylon
  • Cam Leg Buckles
  • Suspension Relief Strap

7.  Summit Pro Safety Harness

This safety harness features a military-inspired MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) attachment system. This hunting safety harness renders a secure fit and comfort with padded shoulder straps, quick-lock buckles, and a performance tether.

It comes with a lineman’s climbing rope for safe tree climbing. This tree stand safety harness is easy to adjust every strap with its convenient slides for the right fit which never binds, pulls, or impedes your movement.

This hunting safety harness is lightweight and durable. This safety harness can be worn under or over your hunting clothes which is a feature that is very useful during the winter. Features like the silent-slide Prusik knot on the safety line to the rubberized quick-lock buckles help avoid detection.

        What We Like:

  • MOLLE Attachment System
  • Comfortable Padding
  • The Right Fit Every time
  • Supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Quick-Release Buckles

8.  Hunter Pro-Series Harness

The Hunter Pro-Series Harness features binocular straps and eight pockets to hold all of your gear. It has a built-in USB port to connect your compatible device to a USB battery pack.

This entire hunting safety harness is well-treated with the scent-destroying ElimiShield technology making it almost impossible for your target to pick up any human scent or any other scent. The Hunter Pro-Series safety harness is 40% lighter due to its new lightweight fabric and ventilating mesh.

       What We Like:

  • ElimiShield Scent Control Technology
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Hunter Safety System Design

9.  Summit Treestand Pro Safety Harness

The Summit Treestand Pro safety harness is made of nylon. It features the military-inspired MOLLE attachment system. This MOLLE system allows you to attach a number of accessories directly to your safety harness. Its military design provides strength and versatility. With this hunter safety system, you benefit from extra comfort thanks to its torso strap and padded shoulder straps. On a long day hunting, comfort from the padded shoulder straps help you be at ease with this safety harness.

Additionally, this hunter safety system is designed for hunters of all shapes and sizes. This safety harness features a 300-pound weight limit and with 2 available sizes, you can easily find the right fit to move freely into the best position to take a shot at your target.

What We Like:

  • Made of Nylon
  • Tactical-Inspired
  • Comfortable Padding

10.  Hawk Elevate Pro Safety Harness

The Hawk Elevate Pro safety harness is built with rugged durability for hunters who leave no stone unturned.  This safety harness features a one-hand quick-set carabiner. You benefit from excellent movement thanks to its flexible tether for 360-degree movement.  The Hawk pro safety harness also features lightweight silent bind cables. Hunting from morning until the evening is not brutal on your body with its padded waist and shoulder straps that provide comfort.

Additionally, this safety harness also has quick-release leg buckles with adjustable leg straps. It also features a suspension relief strap pocket for quick access. This hunter safety system also has form-fit technology as well as an adjustable and durable elastic chest strap.

What We Like:

  • Built With Rugged Durability
  • Form-Fit Technology
  • Padded Waist & Shoulder Straps
  • One-Hand Quick Set Carabiner
  • Flexible Tether For 360° Movement
  • Lightweight Silent Bind Cables

What To Look For In The Best Tree Stand Harnesses

1.  Material

The material the hunting safety harness is made of is very important. Verify that the material the harness is made of can withstand sudden force and still remain intact. Take your weight into consideration. The heavier you are, the more careful you should be when checking the material the hunting safety harness is made of. Familiarize yourself with the material every part of the harness is made of and assess its strength.

2.  Quality

Check the quality of the hunting safety harness even if the materials used are quality. There are always chances that errors were made like tears and poor stitching. Your safety harness is all that stands between you and serious injury. Make sure the hunting safety harness you want to buy is well-built with quality materials. The best tree stand harnesses are made with high-quality material to ensure your safety when you climb into the tree.

3.  Comfort

Comfort is one important factor to consider. The hunting safety harness will be worn by you the entire time you are in the field hunting. You must make sure that the one you want to buy is very comfortable. How comfortable you are can have an impact on how well you hunt. It’s a good idea to try it on if it is possible to see how comfortable it fits before you buy the safety harness. The best tree stand harnesses are made to be very comfortable as you will be hunting for a long period of time.

4.  Size

The size of the hunting safety harness you buy is very important. You must choose the right size that fits you perfectly. It’s a good idea to choose a safety harness that is adjustable that will allow some flexibility and freedom. Factor in your weight and height when deciding on the size of the harness to purchase.

5.  Durability

Choose a hunting safety harness that is durable. They come with expiration dates because after that date they become more susceptible to breakage due to strain, age, and other factors. It’s a good practice to check the warranty. A long warranty from the manufacturer indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the quality. The best tree stand harnesses are durable to ensure your safety when you climb in and out of the hunting tree.

6.  Accessories

There are many accessories that you may need and carry on your hunting expeditions. Look for a safety harness that has many pockets to store the accessories you use on your hunting trips.

7.  Type

As a hunter, you want to be undetectable as much as possible. Choose a hunting safety harness that will give you the best camouflage pattern which fits well with the terrain you hunt in and also the rest of your hunting gear. There are full-body safety harnesses and lines with less coverage. Choose the type that is best for you.

8.  Price

Price is always important. You want the best hunting safety harness to give you maximum safety and comfort. Yet you want to spend reasonably on a hunting safety harness. It’s only you who will find that middle ground between price and the quality of the safety harness.

9.  Flexibility/Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are crucial with regard to the safety harness you choose. Verify that you keep your mobility between the cord and the safety harness; this is important. Additionally, you want to be flexible when you are hunting. You don’t want your movement to be hampered in any way by a rigid hunting safety harness. Your flexibility and mobility are enhanced with the best tree stand harnesses.

10.  Lightweight For Transport

Choose a safety harness that is lightweight for transport yet very durable and safe. A good rule of thumb is to choose a harness that doesn’t weigh more than 2-3 pounds. Most of the best tree stand harnesses are designed to be lightweight but durable.

11.  Safety

Verify if the safety harness you want to purchase meets the Tree Stand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA) Standards. All harnesses should meet the standard and the best tree stand harnesses meet the standard.

12.  Noise

Hunting and noise don’t go together. You never want to alert the target. Make sure the safety harness you are considering makes little to no noise. A tree stand harness should make very little, if not no noise at all. The best tree stand harnesses are designed and built to make almost no noise.

Types of Tree Stand Harnesses

1.  Vest-type harness

The vest-type harness is the most reliable and safest harness for hunters. It straps around the shoulders, waist, and legs. In the situation a hunter falls wearing a vest harness, the pressure is distributed across a larger area of his body which helps ensure a quick recovery with a small chance of injury.

2.  Parachute or full-body harness

When used properly, a parachute harness is as safe and offers the same type of protection as the vest-type harness although there are many more straps and buckles to contend with. It is always a good discipline to check and re-check your harness to ensure that it is properly secure before you start climbing into a treestand.

3.  Single-strap harness

A Single-strap harness is not classified as a safety harness. It causes severe restrictions in the chest area making it difficult to breathe or move if a hunter falls. A full-body harness is always best to use when you are using a treestand.

4.  Chest harness

Chest harnesses, like single-strap harnesses, are no longer regarded as safe as they cause severe restrictions in the chest area making it difficult to breathe or move in case of a fall.

Tree Stand Harness Accessories

1.  Safety Line

With a safety line, you can steadily scale your ladder stand or climb into your treestand.

2.  Carabiner

Remain safe hunting up with a carabiner. It provides a secure clip and anchor to a tree strap or other anchor point in the tree you are hunting from.

3.  Quick Connect Tree Strap

To lean out of your tree stand to make those hard-to-reach shots, you simply strap a quick connect tree strap to the tree and lock it in immediately when you get on the stand for safety in the field.

Climbing Harness vs Tree Stand Safety Harness

Climbing Harness Tree Stand Safety Harness
Built For Rough Treatment Not Built For Rought Treatment
Designed For Repeated Falls Disposed of After A Fall
Maximum Life Span Of 7 years Maximum Life Span Of 3 To 5 years
Good Maneuverability Less Maneuverability
Designed To Sit For Long Periods Of Time Not Designed To Sit For Long Periods Of Time
No TMA Approval TMA Approval

Best Tree Stand Harness Safety Tips

1.  Learn To Use It Properly

Take time to learn how to properly wear the safety harness. Read the user manual and follow all of the instructions. Get familiar with the safety harness. Practice wearing it and taking it off.

2.  Always Wear The Hunting Safety Harness

Discipline yourself to always wear the safety harness whenever you are about to leave the ground. Don’t take chances.

3.  Always Replace the Safety Harness After A Fall

If you do fall, always replace the safety harness even if it was a minor fall and the hunting safety harness seems to be in good condition. never take chances with your life, especially when it involves you leaving the ground for heights above the ground.

4.  Expiration Date

Safety harnesses have expiration dates. They usually have a maximum life span of 3 to 5 years. Even if you haven’t used it many times or never had a fall with the safety harness, it is always a good practice to replace the hunter safety system before its expiration date.

5.  Always Inspect The Safety Harness

Always inspect the hunting safety harness before you use it every single time.

6.  Always Use A Haul Line

It may be tempting to climb up to a treestand with your hunting gear and weapon. Don’t ever do that. Always use a haul line to get your hunting gear up to you.

7.  Never Rush Into The Treestand

Be careful when you climb into and out of a treestand.

8.  Safety Harness Attached To A Line

Make sure that the safety harness is always attached to a line to the tree at all times.

9.  Suspension Relief Strap

It is always good to get a safety harness that has a suspension relief strap. In the event of a fall, the suspension relief strap allows you to relieve the pressure on your legs when you step on it, thereby redistributing the weight.

10.  Double-Check Buckle Before Climbing

Always double-check that your buckles are secure before you begin climbing. You want to avoid accidents at all costs.

What are the 3 Rs of treestand safety?
The 3 Rs of treestand safety are Rescue, Relief, and Recover..
When should a hunter wear a full-body harness?
Always use a full-body harness when your feet are off the ground. This includes climbing a tree, installing a treestand that uses climbing aids, and hunting from a tree stand.
What should you wear when using a treestand?
Always wear a full-body harness and stay tethered to the tree or lifeline when you are off the ground.

Best Tree Stand Harnesses

The Bottom Line

There are many different types of hunting safety harnesses on the market today. A hunting safety system is very important for your safety when you hunt from a treestand. We have provided all of the information you need to make an educated decision on your next or first safety harness. The best tree stand harnesses will ensure your safety when climbing into and out of the tree.

Our recommendation for a hunting safety harness is the  SITKA Gear Mountain Optics Hunting Harness. Climbing treestands are used by many hunters and we reviewed the best climbing treestands in this article.