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Do you hunt turkeys? Are you looking for the best turkey calls? Hunting turkeys can be challenging at times as you have to locate them and lure them away from their roost sites. With turkey calls, you can locate and lure them for hunting. In this article, we review some of the best turkey calls on the market today.

1. Primos Hunting Ol’ Betsy Slate Call

The Primos Hunting Ol’ Betsy Slate call makes it easy for you to make turkey calls and lure them for hunting. It is made of the finest Pennsylvania slate. It works for all situations and environments. This turkey call produces the purest turkey sounds as Slate is the easiest surface to use. It is one of the best turkey calls on the market today.

What We Like:

Produces Clear Turkey Sounds

Works For Every Hunter

Easy To Use

2. Primos Hunting Turkey Shaker Call (PS222)

This turkey call makes it easy to call a turkey. The Gobbler allows you to gobble like a turkey and solicit a response from them. It is a super loud shaker style call.

Additionally, it allows for a one-handed operation for Jake calling and a two-handed adult gobbling. It also features a silencer cap which adds a safety feature by eliminating untimely sounds while moving through the woods. The Gobbler is ideal for challenging and locating gobblers.

What We Like:

Easy To Use

Super Loud

Locates & Challenges Gobblers

Jake Gobbling

Adult Gobbling

3. HUNTERS SPECIALTIES Strut Hammerin’ Turkey Call

The Strut Hammerin’ call is one of the best turkey calls that help you locate turkeys for hunting. It produces loud, realistic, and authentic crow calls while hunting for turkeys. It features an adjustable reed that allows for multiple tones to get responses from turkeys.

What We Like:

Produces Crow Calls

Multiple Tones

4. Primos Hunting Turkey Mouth Call (Pack of 2) PS1252

The Primos turkey mouth call produces real and unique pitches that are irresistible for the savviest of turkeys to ignore. It makes it easy to get the attention of turkeys and respond. With this mouth call, locating turkeys will be easy for hunting.

What We Like:

Makes Real & Unique Calls

Easy To Use

Irresistible Calls

5. ESH Turkey Mouth Calls

This turkey mouth call is made with premium materials. It is easy to use and makes deep-rich seductive hen sounds that will bring out a response from gobblers. It includes the Long Spur, the React, and the True Hype mouth calls. it is one of the best turkey calls available.

Additionally, with this mouth call, you can also locate and attract gobblers, bring a flock together that is trying to reunite after being scattered, call on a roosted gobbler to get him to come down, and excite or heat up a hen.

What We Like:

3 Reed Turkey Calls

Easy To Use

Deep-Rich Seductive Hen Sounds

6. Cass Creek Spring Electronic Game Call

This electronic game call is easy to use and has a 200-yard projection. It is compact, easy to carry, and allows for one-hand use. It delivers authentic animal sounds to get the attention and response of game animals. Additionally, this game call features 5 turkey calls – the Spring Yelp, Purr-Soft, Tree Yelp/Fly Down, Fighting Purr, and Jake Gobble. it works well in Spring for turkey season.

What We Like:

5 Turkey Calls

200 Yard Projection

Easy To Use


7. Primos Hunting Power Owl Turkey Call

This Primos turkey call produces an 8-note barred owl call which brings out the best response from turkeys. It features a strong volume to locate the most cautious gobblers. It solves the problem of locating turkeys, even the wariest of turkeys, and produces a response from them.

Additionally, it is designed for super-loud locating and keeps the reed from sticking due to over-blowing. Moreover, it allows you to vary tones and pitches with back pressure and is one of the best turkey calls to consider.

What We Like:

8-Note Call

Super-Loud Locating

Produces Different Tones & Pitches

Easy To Use

8. ESH Turkey Custom Calls

This is a turkey call kit for beginners. It includes 3 turkey calls for hunting. You get an all-weather turkey box call, a turkey pot call, and a 3 reed traditional right-sided combo mouth call for turkeys. It gives you the best chance of locating and hunting turkeys for a beginner. It also allows you to experiment with the different calls and find out which one turkey responds to most often.

What We Like:

Ideal For Beginners

3 Turkey Calls

9. HUNTERS SPECIALTIES Turkey Glass Pot Call

This turkey glass pot call allows you to call turkeys and get a response from them. With a carbon striker, it creates lifelike turkey sounds that attract turkeys from fields and the woods. With the right amount of rasp, this turkey pot call produces realistic high-pitched hen sounds.

What We Like:

Reliable & Tough

Produces Realistic Hen Sounds

Easy To Use


10. ESH Turkey Pot Calls

This turkey pot call is ideal for the turkey hunter who likes to hunt trophy turkeys; it attracts the largest turkeys. It imitates real and unique pitches to lure even the most cautious turkeys. This turkey call is easy to use whether you are a beginner or an experienced turkey hunter. It makes deep-rich seductive hen sounds with excellent volume and is one of the best turkey calls.

What We Like:

Attracts Trophy Turkeys

Produces Real & Unique Pitches

Easy To Use

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Turkey Calls

  1. Durability

When choosing the best turkey calls, you want a reliable and tough turkey call that can withstand the rough treatment of hunting. Most turkey calls are constructed to be durable and tough.

2. Coverage Area

Another factor to consider when choosing the best turkey calls is the coverage area. You want a turkey call whose sound will travel very far to get heard by turkeys far away. This makes them respond to your calls and help you locate where they may be roosting. Some turkey calls have more than 300 yards of projection.

3. Real Sounds

Turkey calls that produce real and unique pitches are more effective in attracting turkeys and getting a response from them. The best turkey calls produce a variety of unique and real pitches to make it easy for the turkey hunter to hunt them.

4. Ease of Use

The best turkey calls are easy to use. When choosing one, make sure that it is easy to use and not complicated.

Is owl or crow call better for turkey?
Owl calls are used mostly at dawn and dusk while crow calls are used during the day.
Which turkey call is easiest to use?
A push-pin or push-button call is one of the easiest turkey calls to use it is simple to use.
What is the best free turkey call app?
iHunt is one of the pouplar animal call apps for both iOS and Android devices. It features more than 55 different animal selections with over 750 hunting calls.
How often should you hit a turkey call?
When calling turkeys, call every few minutes and make the calls mimic a distressed hen that is doing her daily routines. Also keep moving as turkeys don’t remain in one spot, but are always moving.
What is the hardest turkey call to use?
The turkey mouth call is a challenging call and is usually recommend for turkey hunters with a little more experience.
What time of day is best to call in a turkey?
The best time of the day to call turkey is from 8:30 to 9″30 AM when hens leave the gobbler to go lay eggs, and also from about 11:00 AM to midday.
How long should a turkey call last?
A turkey call should have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years if you are a regular turkey hunter, that is you are hunting every turkey season with the turkey call.

Best Turkey Calls

The Bottom Line

The best turkey calls allow you to easily locate and attract turkeys to your hunting location, even the most cautious turkeys. In this article, we reviewed some of the best turkey calls to help you find the right one for your turkey hunting.

If you want to improve your turkey hunting skills, you can read the best turkey hunting tips to take your turkey hunting to the next level and take more home during the turkey hunting season. Moreover, we also reviewed the best predator calls, the best hunting bugles, the best hunting boots, the best hunting ground blinds, and the best trail cameras.