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Do you want to catch more spadefish? Would you like to learn how to catch Atlantic spadefish? Atlantic spadefish can be challenging to catch as they have small mouths which makes it hard to hook. Additionally, Atlantic spadefish will fight fiercely when caught. However, we will share tried and time tricks to get you catching more Atlantic spadefish.

How To Catch Atlantic Spadefish
How To Catch Atlantic Spadefish

How To Catch Atlantic Spadefish

Spadefish can be found around structures, wrecks, rocks, and reefs. In warm climates, you can also find them in coastal waters. Atlantic spadefish have a flat body with a black and white zebra-stripped mark. It is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Brazil and into the Gulf of Mexico. There are a number of fishing methods that can be used to catch spadefish.

1. Bait Casting

When you are learning how to catch Atlantic spadefish, one of the easiest methods to try is bait casting. Just place the bait on a small circular hook and drop it into the water to entice a bite.

There are many baits you can use to catch spadefish, but be in no doubt: Atlantic spadefish is a sucker for jellyfish. Use cannonball jellies as bait when fishing for spadefish.

2. Chumming

Chumming is another fishing technique that anglers use when fishing for spadefish. Pieces of clams, shrimp, mollusks, or even the liquid from clams are used when chumming. The goal is to attract spadefish to the bait where you can hook them and pull them in.

Tips For Atlantic Spadefish Fishing
Tips For Atlantic Spadefish Fishing

3. Drift Fishing

Drift fishing is also used by anglers when fishing for spadefish. When drift fishing, the boat is moved along the water by the currents in the water and you just let your bait drift with the boat. Drift fishing allows you to cover a lot of water in a relatively short time period.

4. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is also used to catch spadefish. Fly fishing is usually used by experienced anglers as it involves more skills than what a beginner possesses. However, you can catch spadefish using flies that mimic chunks of jellyfish or clams. Use a sinking leader or slow sinking line, a 2-foot fluorocarbon tippet, and an eight-weight fly gear.

5. Jigging

Jigging is another fishing method that is used by anglers to catch Atlantic spadefish. Jigging can be effective in getting the attention of spadefish.

6. Still Fishing

Still fishing is a beginner-friendly fishing method that can also be used when learning how to catch Atlantic spadefish. When still fishing, you drop your bait into the water and just wait for some action. When a fish bites, then you reel it in. With still fishing, you do nothing to your line. Don’t move it. Just drop it into the water and wait for a bite.

Spadefish Fishing Tricks
Spadefish Fishing Tricks

Best Bait For Atlantic Spadefish

  1. Jellyfish

Jellyfish is the most popular and effective bait for spadefish. Spadefish can’t resist jellyfish and you will get bites when jellyfish is the bait you use when fishing for Atlantic spadefish.

2. Clams

Clams are also used as bait for spadefish. Most anglers use pieces of clams as bait for spadefish. Most crustaceans are prey for spadefish and they are used as bait by anglers.

3. Squid

Squid is also used as bait by anglers when fishing for spadefish. Like other baits, anglers usually use pieces of squid as the bait.

Spadefish Fishing Tips
Spadefish Fishing Tips

Atlantic Spadefish Tackle Set Up

Spadefish is not a big fish. They usually weigh in the range from 2 to 5 pounds. However, spadefish puts up a spirited fight when caught and go down to the structures. To withstand this and not end up with a broken line, you will need about a 15-pound test line and a 30-pound leader.

A 1/0 circle hook will work well as spadefish has a small mouth. Additionally, a medium-action rod and a 4000 series reel will get the job done.

Best Lures For Atlantic Spadefish

  1. Jigs

Jigs are often used by anglers as lures when fishing for Atlantic spadefish.

2. Plugs

Plugs are also used to attract and catch spadefish.

3. Spoons

Spoons are effective when used to catch spadefish.

Spadefish Fishing Ideas
Spadefish Fishing Ideas

Atlantic Spadefish Fishing Tips

  1. Atlantic spadefish are fierce fighters and will battle with you when they get hooked.

2. Spadefish have a small mouth which makes it hard to set the hook. Use a circle hook of size 1/0 for the best results.

3. Atlantic spadefish will bite more often during slack tides.

4. Spadefish prefer warm and shallow waters along the coastlines.

Ideas For Catching Spadefish
Ideas For Catching Spadefish

5. Atlantic spadefish like structures like wrecks, rocks, and reefs.

6. Spadefish is a schooling fish.

7. Bait casting, chumming, jigging, still fishing, spinning, drift fishing, and fly fishing are some of the fishing methods you can use when learning how to catch Atlantic spadefish.

8. Use your fish finder to locate schools of spadefish around reefs and wrecks. Then position your boat up-current of the structures and anchor it to get the best chance of catching spadefish when you drop your line with the bait.

Catching Atlantic Spadefish
Catching Atlantic Spadefish

9. No bait will attract spadefish more than jellyfish. Use cannonball jellies when learning how to catch Atlantic spadefish.

10. The best time to fish for spadefish is when there are low currents and calm seas. At this time, you may see spadefish finning on the surface.

11. Spadefish puts up a fierce fight when caught. It usually will go into deep waters to the reefs and wrecks to free itself. To combat this, you will need at least a 15 lb test line, a 30 lb fluorocarbon leader, and a medium action rod.

Atlantic Spadefish Fishing
Atlantic Spadefish Fishing
What is the best bait to catch spadefish?
Jellyfish is one of the best baits for spadefish. If you really want to catch a lot of spadefish, then use cannonball jellies. Additionally, shrimps, squid, mollusks, and clams are very effective baits when learning how to catch Atlantic spadefish.
Are spadefish hard to catch?
Atlantic spadefish have a small mouth, fight ferociously, and hide around wrecks, rocks, and reefs. This makes it challenging when fishing for them.
Do Atlantic spadefish taste good?
Atlantic spadefish is tasty while others claim it is not tasty. This is relative and you will have to taste it to determine if you consider it tasty or not.
What size hook for spade fish?
Atlantic spadefish have a small mouth and to successfully hook them, you will need to use a small-sized hook, preferably 1/0.

The Bottom Line

Atlantic spadefish is a sportfish that many anglers like to target as they put up a ferocious fight when hooked and taste good. They like to seek shelter around structures like rocks, wrecks, and reefs.

Regular fishing methods like bait casting, chumming, drifting, fly fishing, and still fishing can be used to catch spadefish. In this article, we discussed fishing methods, fishing equipment, fishing tips, and other information to help you be successful when learning how to catch Atlantic spadefish.

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