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Do you want to learn how to catch bullfrogs? Do you want to go frog gigging? Catching bullfrogs can be challenging as they are slippery to catch and use the strength of their hind legs to escape if you try to catch them by hand.

However, frog gigging can be fun and rewarding if you intend to have a meal with chewy frog legs. In this article, we discuss how to catch bullfrogs.

How To Catch Bullfrogs
How To Catch Bullfrogs


  1. Frog Gig

2. Flashlight

3. Headlamp

4. Container

5. Cast Net

How To Catch Bullfrogs

1. Frog Season

One of the first things you want to know is when is the frog season in the area you want to go frog gigging. There are a few states that allow year-round hunting of bullfrogs, but most states have a frog season that you have to adhere to. You want to abide by the laws regarding hunting bullfrogs.

Additionally, there may be a limit to the number of bullfrogs that anyone can take home in one day. You want to be aware of all the rules and regulations concerning hunting bullfrogs.

2. Hunting Method

You will have to decide on the hunting method to use when frog gigging. Will you use a gig to hunt bullfrogs, a cast net, or use your hands to catch them? Using your hands is the least favorable method since bullfrogs’ skins are slippery and some bullfrogs carry diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans.

A cast net can also be used to catch bullfrogs. This is a cumbersome but safe hunting method for catching bullfrogs. It is usually used if you intend to keep the bullfrogs in an aquarium rather than eating them. Using a gig is one of the popular methods of hunting bullfrogs.

A frog gig is a tool that is made of a long rod with prongs at the end to pierce and catch bullfrogs. Using frog gigs is one of the popular methods of catching bullfrogs especially if you intend to eat them.

Tips For Bullfrog Hunting
Tips For Bullfrog Hunting

3. Hunting Tools

The hunting method will determine the tools you will use for hunting bullfrogs. A frog gig, a cast net, a very bright and powerful flashlight or headlamp, and a container.

4. Frog Habitat

Frogs like to reside in ponds, marshes, streams, rivers, and freshwater lakes. Frogs like areas with vegetation, cattails, tree canopy, and very little current. This allows them to use the vegetation for cover and reside in the water with no current to deal with.

5. Day or Night Hunt

Frogs can be caught during the day or night. Most frog hunters prefer to hunt frogs at night. Frogs usually get active at night and make loud sounds during the night. This makes it easier to locate them from the loud noise the males make.

Additionally, their eyes illuminate when light hits it and this puts them in a trance like a deer before in the headlights. This is referred to as “jacking”.

This trance that they go into is advantageous for the frog hunter as you can use this time to either gig them or grab them firmly with your hand. Bullfrogs can also be caught during the day using a cast net, your hands, or a gig. However, most frog hunters prefer hunting them at night.

Ideas For Bullfrog Hunting
Ideas For Bullfrog Hunting

6. Move Slowly and Quietly

Move lightly and quietly if you are walking on the banks of ponds, streams, or rivers during the night. Frogs can pick up the vibrations and will quickly jump away. If you are in a canoe, don’t let the paddle hit its side as the noise will make frogs leave.

How To Catch Bullfrogs During The Day

Bullfrogs can be caught during the day even though most bullfrog hunters prefer the night. Most bullfrog hunters that hunt during the day use their fishing rods with bait on a small treble hook. Frogs eat almost anything including mice, insects, snakes, fish, and toads.

When the bullfrogs go for the bait, they take the hook in as well and this hooks them. A frog gig can also be used to hunt bullfrogs during the day.

How To Hunt Bullfrogs In A Boat

Bullfrogs can also be hunted in a boat. Many frog hunters use a frog gig when hunting from a boat. Others prefer using their hands to catch the frogs because they can quickly release them if it is small. A cast net can also be used to catch bullfrogs when hunting from a boat.

Hunting Bullfrogs
Hunting Bullfrogs

How To Hold A Bullfrog By Hand

When holding a bullfrog, you need to hold it firmly around the upper thighs with its legs together. This grip makes it difficult for it to escape. Bullfrogs have a slippery skin and their hind legs are very powerful.

How To Butcher a Bullfrog


  1. Sharp Knife

2. Cutting Board

3. Needlenose Pliers

Bullfrog Hunting Tips
Bullfrog Hunting Tips

1. Wash The Bullfrog

Before butchering the bullfrog, give it a good rinse to remove the dirt and other debris on it from the swamps and marshes.

2. Place on Board

Place the bullfrog on a cutting board.

3. Cut Off the Feet

Start by cutting off the feet.

4. Slice Skin Around Waist

Turn it over so that its back is on the cutting board and the bottom is facing you. Use kitchen shears or a sharp knife to slice the skin around the waist as if you gave it a belt. Once you have cut the skin completely around the waist of the bullfrog, turn it back so that its stomach is lying flat on the cutting board.

Bullfrog Hunting Tricks
Bullfrog Hunting Tricks

5. Pull the Skin Off

Holding the head and upper part of the bullfrog with one hand, use the other hand to pull the skin from the bullfrog using pliers. it will tear off the frog-like you are pulling off its pants.

6. Chop the Legs Off

After you have skinned the frog, use the shears or knife to cut off the legs.

7. Tidy Up

Cut off any little bits that you don’t want on the legs so they look clean and neat for grilling or cooking.

Bullfrog Hunting
Bullfrog Hunting

How To Cook A Bullfrog

There are many ways to cook a bullfrog. You can grill it, smoke it, bake it, or cook it. Apply salt, black pepper, garlic, onions, and other spice to the frog legs. Then you can grill them on low heat, smoke, bake, or cook them.

Frog Gigging Tips

  1. Use a bright and powerful flashlight or headlamp to direct the light into the eyes of bullfrogs. This puts them in a trance allowing you the time to gig them or grab them firmly with your hand. This technique is referred to as “jacking”.

2. Bullfrogs eat almost anything and you can use mice, insects, and toads as bait to catch bullfrogs with your fishing rod.

3. When hunting for bullfrogs during the night, if you notice the eyes are big and wide apart from each other, that indicates that it is a big and mature bullfrog.

Bullfrog Hunting Ideas
Bullfrog Hunting Ideas

4. When hunting bullfrogs in ponds, streams, marshes, rivers, and lakes, be on the lookout for dangerous snakes and alligators.

5. Always check your state for the rules and regulations regarding the hunting of bullfrogs.

6. If you are hunting bullfrogs from the banks of ponds, streams, marshes, and rivers, walk lightly and quietly as bullfrogs can pick up the vibration and will escape to safety.

7. Using a canoe, you can quietly move into marshes and shallow water looking for bullfrogs.

8. Most bullfrog hunters go at night since it is easier to locate them.

What is the best bait to catch bullfrogs?
Bullfrogs eat anything. Snakes, mice, toads, and fish can be used as bait when hunting bullfrogs.
What is the easiest way to catch a bullfrog?
You can do frog gigging, use a fishing rod with bait on a small treble hook, or use your hang to firmly grab it.
What do you use to catch bullfrogs?
You can use a frog gig, a cast net, or use your hand to grab it.
Where is the best place to find bullfrogs?
You can find bullfrogs in ponds, lakes, marshes, streams, rivers, swamps, canals, ditches, and lakes.
What is the best time to go frog gigging?
A warm, humid evening, when frogs are resting on the shore, is the best time to go frog hunting.
What time of day are bullfrogs most active?
Bullfrogs are most active during the night.
Can you catch frogs during the day?
Bullfrogs can be caught during the day using a fishing rod, bait, and a hook. You can also catch them with your hands or with a cast net.

The Bottom Line

Small game hunting is not only exciting but also rewarding. Learning how to catch bullfrogs is one that most hunters like to do during the frog hunting season. It is not as challenging as hunting other small or big game animals.

In this article, we discussed how to catch bullfrogs, the hunting methods, the equipment you need, and other information. if you want to improve your small game hunting tips, then read this article.