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Would you like to hunt exotic animals in  Texas? Are you interested in hunting axis deer? Do you want to learn how to hunt axis deer? Axis deer are some of the smartest and wary deer you can come across. They are challenging to hunt with a good sense of smell and good eyesight.

They cover ground quickly and you have to be physically fit if you want to hunt them, especially if you intend to hunt axis deer with a bow. If you want to hunt axis deer in Texas, then we share information to improve your chances of successfully hunting axis deer.

Axis Deer Hunting
Axis Deer Hunting

Axis Deer History

Axis deer also called Chital or Spotted deer is the most abundant exotic species in Texas. It was originally found in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. It was introduced to Molokai, Hawaii in the 1860s and to Maui some years later. The axis deer was later introduced to Texas in 1932. It is known for its big horns and beautiful spotted body.  Additionally, it is also known for its tasty meat. Some regard its meat as the best red meat of the big game animals.

How To Hunt Axis Deer

1. Scouting Axis Deer

When scouting an area for axis deer, look for deer tracks and droppings. Look for food and water sources and keep your eyes open for tracks and droppings around these areas. Axis deer eat forbs, woody browse, grasses, and corn.

2. Be Physically Fit

Axis deer move around a lot and quickly cover a lot of ground. If you will hunt axis deer with a bow, then you should work on your physical fitness as it involves a lot of walking. If you will hunt the deer from a treestand or blind, then it will not be physically demanding as using a bow and covering the area in search of the deer.

3. Trail Cameras

To gather information on their movements and behaviors, you can set up trail cameras. From the information collected, you will learn their travel routes, bedding and feeding areas, the times they move, possible food sources and water holes, etc.

With this information, you can pattern their movements and plan how to hunt them. If you are interested in getting a trail camera, we reviewed the best trail cameras on the market.

Tips For Hunting Axis Deer
Tips For Hunting Axis Deer

4. Hunt Downwind

When hunting axis deer, always hunt downwind of the area you think axis deer are located. You don’t want them to pick up your human scent. If they smell your human odor, they will leave the area. Always make sure that you are hunting the deer with the wind in your face.

5. Still-Hunt

Axis deer move back and forth between bedding and feeding areas during the day. You can use this information to your advantage when hunting them. Set up close to their bedding areas and still-hunt them.

By setting up close to their bedding area, you will see them as they leave for the feeding areas before they wander off their main travel routes. You can implement this hunting strategy from mid-morning to mid-afternoon when they are active and will be traveling to eat.

6. Spot & Stalk

If you don’t want to still-hunt axis deer early when they move from bedding to feeding areas, you can spot and stalk them close by their feeding areas. Move slowly and quietly as you stalk them. One important skill to learn as a hunter is to walk without making a lot of noise.

Learn to walk like animals and don’t put too much weight down on your steps. Additionally, learn to walk by stepping with your toes and not the entire bottom of your foot. If you master that, the little sound you make will be written off by deer. They will think it is another animal moving along.

Hunting Axis Deer
Hunting Axis Deer

7. Predator Calls

Use predator calls to hunt axis deer. You can lure them into the shooting range with predator calls. There are many different calls that can be used to hunt deer. Some are overused by hunters and the deer have gotten to know that they are not made by the animals.

Use a variety of predator calls and observe which ones work for the axis deer in that area. We reviewed the best predator calls on the market today and you can read it if you are interested in getting a predator call.

8. Bait

Use bait to hunt axis deer. You can set up a bait pile using corn or other foods to lure them into your shooting range. You can set up a blind within shooting range of the feeder and wait for the deer.

Most mature deer that have been hunted by humans will be very wary of bait and will approach it with a lot of caution. You have to remain still, and quiet and wait for the right time to take a good shot. Most likely you will have one really good chance.

Hunting Axis Deer Tricks
Hunting Axis Deer Tricks

Axis Deer Hunting Tips

1. Get in shape if you intend to hunt axis deer with a bow.

2. Axis deer are most active at dusk and dawn.

3. Axis deer are often found in flatter terrain like lowlands.

Hunting Axis Deer Ideas
Hunting Axis Deer Ideas

4. Still-hunt axis deer close to their bedding areas.

5. Spot and stalk axis deer near food sources.

6. Axis deer love the water and spend more time near water than whitetail deer do.

How To Hunt Axis Deer
How To Hunt Axis Deer

7. Axis deer can rut at any time of the year. However, most of the rut happens from late May to late June.

8. During the rut, you can use the sounds they make to pinpoint their location and hunt them.

9. Use predator calls to hunt axis deer.

Axis Deer Hunting
Axis Deer Hunting

10. Axis deer are often seen in a herd as they are very sociable.

11. Axis deer roar often and also when they are alarmed.

Axis Deer Hunting Tricks
Axis Deer Hunting Tricks
What is the best way to attract axis deer?
You can attract axis deer using bait or predator calls.
What is the best caliber for axis deer?
A rifle with .270 caliber or larger will work when hunting axis deer.
What is the axis deer's favorite food?
Axis deer eat woody browse, grasses, forbs, fruits, corn, mushrooms, sedges, and flowers.
Are axis deer good to eat?
Axis deer meat is considered one of the best red meat that you will ever have.
Are axis deer bigger than whitetail?
Axis deer are larger than whitetail deer. A mature female axis deer can weigh up to 150 pounds while the male’s weight can exceed 250 pounds.
Can you call in axis deer?
Yes, you can call in axis deer.

The Bottom Line

Hunting axis deer is challenging and exciting. Axis deer is smart and wary. Due to a lot of hunting pressure, axis deer have learned to remain out of sight. When you do see them, they disappear in a few seconds. They are exotic as they are fleeting.

In this article, we discuss how to hunt axis deer. You can also read how to hunt blacktail deer, how to hunt fallow deer, how to hunt sika deer, how to hunt red deer, how to hunt axis deer, and how to hunt blacktail deer.