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Do you want to hunt foxes? Would you like to learn how to hunt foxes at night? Foxes have a very good sense of smell, great vision, and a good sense of hearing. All these attributes make foxes difficult to hunt. They are clever, agile, and move very fast. In this article, we will discuss how to hunt fox as well as how to hunt them at night.

How To Hunt Fox
How To Hunt Fox

How To Hunt Fox During The Day

1. Scouting

Scouting the area you want to hunt is always a good hunting practice before you actually go out there to hunt. You want to get an understanding of the landscape. Study the area, the vegetation there, the water sources, valleys, hills, dense foliage, dens, tall grass areas, and burrows.

Additionally, keep your eyes open for fox tracks. They are similar to dog tracks but have deeper toe indentations and reduced size. You can also use Google Earth to get a good view of the entire area and study the landscape.

2. Predator Calls

One way to hunt foxes is to use predator calls. There are a number of predator calls that will get the attention of foxes and lure them in your direction for the shot. Bird cries, rabbit in distress calls, and hare screams have been predator calls that have been successful when hunting foxes. When calling, you don’t want to frighten the foxes you want to hunt. Start calling gently and gradually increase the volume of the sound. You can read a review of the best predator calls from this link.

3. Wind Direction

When hunting foxes, you have to seriously consider the direction of the wind. Always position yourself so that the wind is in your face. You don’t want the wind to take your scent to the foxes who have a very good sense of smell. Always be downwind of the area you want to hunt for foxes.

Tips To Hunt Fox
Tips To Hunt Fox

4. Decoy

You can also use a decoy to hunt foxes. A moving hare decoy that shakes and spins becomes an irresistible prey for foxes. With a decoy like a moving hare, you have the opportunity to move or shift your position without getting noticed by the fox as its attention is fixed on the moving hare decoy. Set up the moving hare decoy about 20-40 yards away in the direction of the wind. A hare decoy works well to lure a fox into a shooting range.

5. Chicken, Turkey, or Pig Farms

Look for chicken, turkey, or pig farms not far away from where you hunt foxes. These farms will always be targets for foxes and they are usually a problem for the farmers. Talk to the farmers and get their permission to hunt foxes on their farms. Most of the time they will welcome you with open arms. Additionally, you just might also take down coyotes as well.

6. Take A Compass

Always take a compass and a map with you when you go hunting foxes. Foxes move very quickly and cover a lot of ground and to keep up you will also cover a lot of territories. You need to have a compass to know where you are and how to get out. You don’t want to lose your bearings.

7. Camouflaged Clothing

To hunt a fox, you have to conceal yourself as much as possible. You will need to have camouflaged clothing that blends well with the vegetation in the area.

Tips For Fox Hunting
Tips For Fox Hunting

8. Hunting With A Dog

You can hunt foxes with trained dogs. Hunting foxes with dogs works best with snow on the ground as it makes it easier to track. Additionally, you can use GPS collars and handheld radios to keep up with the chase.

9. Spot & Stalk

The spot and stalk hunting method is the most used method to hunt foxes. Just as you use it to hunt other animals, you also apply it the same way. Basically, you position yourself to watch over an area and when you spot a fox, you carefully and slowly stalk it until you can get in a good shooting range to take a shot.

While stalking, you want to remain undetected and always be downwind of the fox as they have a very good sense of smell. Foxes also have very good eyesight and a sense of hearing. Therefore you want to avoid loosening rocks to cause noise.

Hunting Foxes
Hunting Foxes

How To Hunt Fox At Night

Foxes are most active and hunt for prey at night. Hunting for foxes at night is similar to hunting for foxes during the except for the major issue of visibility. Foxes see very well at night and will easily pick you out. Therefore, you must be more careful at night.

1. Predator Calls

As you use predator calls when hunting foxes during the day, you can also use predator calls during the night. With hunting foxes at night, you will need a red or green light. The green or red lights will mask your position from the foxes and allow you to see them for a good shot.

2. Bait

Bait can be used to lure foxes during the night. However, foxes are very wary of bait piles and will circle around a bait pile for quite some time to pick up any sign of danger. If they pick up any human or other scent they think means danger, they will not touch the bait.

Hunting Fox Tips
Hunting Fox Tips

3. Night Vision Optics

You can use night vision optics to resolve the issue of visibility when you hunt foxes at night. Thermal scopes, night vision binoculars, or monoculars can be used to help you see clearly at night. We reviewed the best night vision binoculars and the best night vision monoculars and you can read these reviews through these links.

4. Scout The Land

Scout the land during the day to become familiar with the landscape. Learn of the burrows, dens, thick vegetation, areas of tall grass, thick foliage, and other areas that foxes may use as cover. By getting familiar with the topography during the day, it will be easier to navigate it during the night. Look out for any landmarks like big trees, high hills, valleys, etc to use as markers to learn how to move through the land during the night.

5. Nearby Farms

Search for farms that are close to the areas you hunt. These farms could be hunting grounds for foxes and you might get the permission of the farmers to hunt the foxes that target their chickens, turkeys, and other animals on their farms.

Hunting Fox Ideas
Hunting Fox Ideas

6. Hunting Buddy

It is best to have a hunting buddy when you hunt foxes at night. It is also advisable to have a hunting buddy when you hunt foxes during the day. For safety and more effective hunting, a hunting buddy will make hunting foxes at night less challenging. Foxes move in packs and you don’t want to be vulnerable if you come in contact with a pack.

7. Wind Direction

Foxes have a very good sense of smell, hearing, and good eyesight. They are very cunning and very difficult to hunt. When hunting foxes at night as well as during the day, always make sure you are downwind of the foxes. You don’t want the wind taking your scent to the foxes.

Hunt A Fox
Hunt A Fox

Fox Hunting Tips

1. Hunt foxes in late January or early February when they are mating. The females dig new dens that you can easily spot with the males laying on top of the dens while the females are inside. The females don’t allow the males into the den leaving them visible on the snow as a good target from a long distance.

2. Foxes hang out and hunt around forest areas using dense vegetation as cover.

3. Foxes use thick foresting and narrow passages as escape routes.

4. Foxs have a very good sense of smell, hearing, and good eyesight that they use to hunt for food and use to evade predators and danger.

5. Foxes are most active at night. They hunt for food at dusk and sleep during the day.

How To Hunt Fox
How To Hunt Fox

6. Wear camouflaged clothing that has a similar pattern to the area you are hunting in.

7. Travel as light as possible when hunting a fox as you will cover a lot of ground.

8. Have a map and a compass as you go hunting foxes. You don’t want to get lost and become the prey.

9. As you move through the areas searching for foxes, keep on the lookout for dense foliage, tall grass, thick vegetation, burrows, and dens.

How To Hunt Fox Tips
How To Hunt Fox Tips

10. Be on the lookout for fox tracks on the ground. They are similar to dog tracks but with deeper toe indentations.

11. A fox mating call is one of the most efficient ways to lure a fox out. Make the call and then move back some good distance because a fox will hear the call and come check it out.

12. Foxes are fast and agile. With their low profile, they can dart off, change direction and evade pursuers in a second. When it sees you, it will run, change directions and seek cover, making it difficult to see it, aim at it and take it down.

13. Do not chase after a fox. Let it run off and you continue hunting and stalking. It will tire and go to one of its hiding spots. This will give you time to catch up and catch it when it is most vulnerable when it is eating.

How To Hunt A Fox
How To Hunt A Fox
What is the best time to hunt fox?
The best time to hunt foxes is dawn and dusk.
Can you fox hunt at night?
You can hunt foxes at night. It is challenging but you can use night vision optics to help with visibility at night
How long should you call a fox for?
Start calling gently and gradually increase the volume of the sound.
How do you call a fox at night?
Start calling foxes gently at night You can start with mouse squeaks and progress to rabbit distress calls.
Why is it hard to hunt a fox?
Foxes have a very good sense of smell, hearing, and good eyesight. Additionally, foxes are cunning, very fast, and agile. All of these attributes make hunting foxes very challenging and difficult
What is the best caliber for fox hunting?
the .223 Remington is one of the best calibers for hunting foxes, bobcats, and coyotes.

The Bottom Line

Whether hunting foxes during the day or night, it is very challenging as they are very clever and dangerous. One of the major disadvantages of hunting foxes at night is the issue of visibility. To resolve that issue, you can use night vision scopes.

Foxes are most active at night and that makes it easier to target them if you are prepared for the night hunt. In this article, we discussed how to hunt fox at night. You can also read how to hunt hogs, and how to hunt wild sheep.