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Are you looking for a unique and thrilling hunting adventure? Are you interested in hunting javelinas? Javelinas are not the regular big game animal you hunt every season. In this article, we share points on how to hunt javelinas to improve your chances of success.





How To Hunt Javelinas
How To Hunt Javelinas












How To Hunt Javelinas

1. Scouting

When you scout an area for javelinas, look for signs of rooted-up grounds, overturned cow pies, shredded sotol, and agave plants, chewed paddles of prickly pear cactus, tracks, and their powerful and stink odor. Javelinas often bed beneath rocky overhangs, caves, cliffs, and thick brush that give them shade from the elements. Also, look for them on hillsides with prickly pears.





2. Spot & Stalk

One of the best ways to hunt javelinas is the spot-and-stalk method. Find a high elevation with clear views and use binoculars or a spotting scope to glass for javelinas. Once you spot a javelina, just make a mental note that there may be others not very far off. Slowly and quietly stalk it while you keep your eyes open for the rest of the herd. Javelinas are small, dark, and low to the ground.

They blend with their surroundings very well. As you glass an area, don’t disregard any strange shapes or dark patches. They are difficult to spot in thick scrub; therefore carefully study the area with your binoculars.

Additionally, javelinas are vocal with the sounds of grunts and snorts. When you are searching for them, they just might give away their location from the sounds of their chewing, snorts, and grunts.





3. Javelinas & The Weather

Javelinas don’t have guard hairs. This makes them poorly insulated for the cold weather. On mornings when the temperature is close to or below the freezing point, they will congregate together to warm themselves and not come out until it starts to warm up. On hot days, they will move to deep parts of canyons where it will be difficult for you to spot them. They will come out in the early morning and late evening.





Tricks For Javelina Hunting
Tricks For Javelina Hunting












4. Wind Direction

When stalking javelinas, make sure you are downwind of them. Be certain that the wind is in your face. If they pick up your human scent, they will leave the area.





5. Javelina Odor

Javelinas have a pungent odor that you will smell when they are around. This odor comes from the scent gland that is centered on the lower back of the javelina. You might smell them before you see them. When you are searching for javelinas, pay attention to your nose as much as your eyes.





6. Predator Calls

A distressed call of a struggling javelina will almost always result in an immediate response of a herd of javelinas charging in the direction of the sound of the call. Be prepared to take a shot when you make the distressed call. After locating a javelina herd, stalk them unnoticed to within 75 yards of them. Get your firearm or bow ready, and then blow the distressed call.
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Tips For Hunting Javelinas
Tips For Hunting Javelinas












7. Bait

You can use bait to hunt javelinas. You can use shelled corn to attract javelinas. You can place the corn near roads, watering holes, and open paths. After setting up the bait, set up close by, conceal yourself and wait for a herd to find the bait.





8. Weapon

A rifle, handgun, crossbow, or bow can be used to hunt javelinas. Rifles with .25 and .257 calibers are just some that can be used to hunt javelinas. The single-shot handguns with centerfire rifle cartridges like .257, and .308 can also be used.





Javelina Hunting Tricks
Javelina Hunting Tricks














Javelina Hunting Tips

1. Javelinas can be found in thick brush and rocky overhangs.



2. Javelinas have a very strong and stinky odor from their scent glands. When you are searching for them and you pick up a stinking odor, it might be that you are close to a herd.



3. Javelinas eat plants and animals. When you are scouting for them, look for rooted-up grounds, overturned cow pies, shredded sotol, agave plants, and chewed paddles of prickly pear cactus.





Javelina Hunting Tips
Javelina Hunting Tips









4. Binoculars or a spotting scope can be used to glass for javelinas from an elevated position. Reviews of the best hunting binoculars and best spotting scopes can be found from these links.



5. The spot and stalk hunting method is the most effective way of hunting javelinas.



6. Javelinas are poorly insulated. When you are looking for them, pay attention to the weather. They won’t come out on frigid mornings and very hot days.





Javelina Hunting Ideas
Javelina Hunting Ideas













7. Always stalk javelinas downwind of them.



8. When glassing for javelinas and you spot one, just know that others may not be very far away.



9. Javelinas are small, dark, and low to the ground. When you are glassing for them, carefully study any strange shapes or dark patches.





Hunting Javelinas
Hunting Javelinas











10. When shooting a javelina in thick cover, carefully verify the target and make sure another javelina is not standing behind the one you are aiming at. A bullet can easily pass through one and kill another standing behind your target.



11. You can use distressed and struggling javelina calls to get a response from a herd of javelinas.



12. Javelinas make a good amount of noise when chewing, snorting, or making grunts. They may just give away their location with the noise they make.



13. Javelinas have poor eyesight. This allows bow hunters to get close for a good shot.





Hunting Javelina Tricks
Hunting Javelina Tricks











Is javelina easy to hunt?
It is certainly not easy to hunt javelinas but it is not the most difficult animal to hunt. They have a very good sense of smell<br /> and hearing. Additionally, they blend well with their surroundings.
What gun do you use to hunt javelina?
A rifle or handgun with a powerful bullet can be used to hunt javelinas.
How do you attract javelinas?
You can use shelled corn as bait to attract javelinas. Additionally, you can make distressed struggling javelina calls which will almost always get an immediate response from a herd of javelinas.
Are javelinas good eating?
Javelinas are good for eating and how well it is prepared can add to how tasty it tastes.
What time of year are javelinas most active?
Javelinas are active all year round but will remain in their bedding areas when the weather is very cold or hot. They are most active early mornings and late evenings.
Can you hunt javelina with a shotgun?
Yes, you can use a shotgun to take down a javelina.








The Bottom Line

Hunting javelinas are not like the regular hunt of deer, elk or mountain goats, or hogs. They are challenging and unique. Like wolves, they are not alone and usually in a herd. In this article, we discussed how to hunt javelinas to help you be successful in hunting them. If you are interested in hunting hogs, you can read about how to hunt hogs.