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Are you finding it difficult to choose airsoft face masks? With the game of airsoft becoming popular, there are many brands and models of airsoft face masks on the market. In this guide, we will discuss the factors to consider when choosing an airsoft mask. We hope at the end of the reading, you will have the information you need to choose the best airsoft mask for your activities.



1.  POKONBOY 2 Pack Detachable Face Masks

This airsoft face mask’s frame is made of high-strength ABS material that is lightweight and durable. The lens is made of high transmittance polycarbonate material. It is anti-scratch and has no optical distortion. Additionally, its curved lens design provides wraparound eye protection and protects your eyes from being hit by bullets, insects, rain, snow, wind, and sand.

This face mask is comfortable with soft sponges on the edge of the goggles frame that fits your face and prevents slipping. It also features an adjustable elastic strap for head and mask compatibility. This reduces discomfort from long-time wearing. Moreover, it features a vented hole design to allow airflow to allow you to breathe freely.





      What We Like:

  • Detachable Half Mask
  • High-Density Sponge
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap





2.  LAOSGE Airsoft Mask

This airsoft mask is ideal for airsoft, paintball, shooting, hunting, and many other sports and outdoor activities. The LAOSGE Airsoft Mask is designed with a mesh design and a skull pattern that makes you breathe comfortably.

It is impact-resistant and is lightweight. This airsoft mask is made of 100% eco-friendly low-carbon steel and ABS plastic material. This mask is designed so that it can be gently bent to better fit your face. It has 2 adjustable straps to keep it to your face and not fall off when you are playing.





       What We Like:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Comfortable





3.  NINAT Airsoft Mask

The NINAT airsoft mask is made of polycarbonate material and TPU plastic impact-resistant composite. It features an elastic head strap to adjust it and fit snugly on the user’s head. It is designed with foam around the eyes area and the ears for comfort.

This airsoft mask features visor shading, adjustable straps to properly fit you, and a gray single lens. Its louvered vents take warm air out of the mask. It is breathable and durable. Moreover, its lens can support 310 frames per second within 5 meters of BBs shooting.





      What We Like:

  • High-Quality Safe Material
  • Security & Stability
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Breathable & Durable





4.  Fansport Airsoft Mask

The Fansport Airsoft Mask is ideal for airsoft, paintball, hunting, and other outdoor activities. It is made of TPR and a sponge. This airsoft mask features an adjustable strap to adjust its length to properly fit your face and make it comfortable. It is compatible with a helmet. It comes with a helmet strap that can be connected to a tactical helmet and a mask.





      What We Like:

  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Made of TPR & Sponge
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Multi-Purpose Face Mask





5.  Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask

This airsoft mask is made of low-carbon steel that allows you to breathe freely. It features UV 400 protection goggles that allow you to see clearly. The goggles are made of ABS plastic. Moreover, this airsoft mask features a skull design with 2 elastic adjustable straps to fit properly.

Additionally, this airsoft mask is lightweight and foldable. It can be gently bent to properly fit your face. It also features superb ventilation to prevent fogging. It provides protection from BBs up to 310 frames per second in 5 meters. We reviewed some of the best airsoft rifles in this article to help you choose the right one.





      What We Like:

  • Lightweight & Foldable Design
  • Comfortable & Breathable





6.  Anyoupin Airsoft Mask

The Anyoupin Airsoft Mask is well suited for airsoft, paintball, hunting, and many outdoor activities. It is made of nylon and fiber. The fiber has high tension, high tensile strength, and aging resistance properties. This airsoft mask is lightweight, breathable, and fashionable. It is impact-resistant and can withstand up to 600 frames per second from BBs.





       What We Like:

  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • Durable & Comfortable
  • High-Quality Materials





7.  Fansport Airsoft Mask

The Fansport Airsoft Mask is made of TPR and a sponge. It is well suited for airsoft, paintball, hunting, and many other outdoor and fun activities. It is comfortable and durable. It features 2 different adjustable strap that allows you to adjust their length to make it comfortable for you. This airsoft mask is designed to work with a helmet.





       What We Like:

  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Made of High-Quality Materials





8.  ATAIRSOFT Tactical Face Mask

This ATAIRSOFT Tactical Face Mask can be used for paintball, airsoft, hunting, and many other outdoor activities and games. It is comfortable and breathable with venting holes on both sides. It is also impact-resistant with its shock-absorbing sponge. Additionally, this airsoft face mask features a transparent lens. Its impact resistance provides protection from BBs up to 600 frames per second from -10 degrees to 42 degrees celsius.





      What We Like:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Comfortable & Breathable
  • Durable & Lightweight





9.  Outgeek Airsoft Mask

The Outgeek Airsoft Mask is made of nylon and low-carbon steel. Its goggles are made of ABS plastic and polycarbonate. Additionally, it provides protection for your eyes as the eyeglasses are windproof and lightweight. They are also anti-dust and anti-splash. This mask is designed with mesh ear protection that allows you to comfortably enjoy your activities with this airsoft face mask. It is lightweight and durable.





      What We Like:

  • High-Qulaity Construction
  • ABS Plastic & Polycarbonate
  • Windproof & Lightweight
  • Anti-Dust & Anti-Splash
  • Impact Resistant





10.  Senmortar Airsoft Mask

The Senmortar Airsoft Mask is made of TPU. It is impact resistant and can withstand 310 frames per second within 5 meters of BBs shooting. It features an adjustable strap to ensure you have a comfortable and proper fit. It can be bent gently to properly fit your face.

Moreover, this Senmortar Airsoft Mask is lightweight and durable. It provides security and stability with its visor shading. Its sponge mats for the eyes and ears provide a buffer for comfortable wearing. Airsoft vest are also important for the sport and we reviewed some of the best airsoft vests in this article.





       What We Like:

  • Breathable & Comfortable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Security & Stability





11.  Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask

The Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask is made of low-carbon steel and 1000D nylon. The goggles are constructed of TPU and PC. It features adjustable elastic straps to provide a proper fit. Additionally, this airsoft mask can be gently bent to properly fit your face.

This mask is impact resistant and can withstand BBs shooting at 600 frames per second at a temperature of -10 degrees to 42 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it provides enough protection to BBs up to 310 frames per second in 5 meters.





      What We Like:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Comfortable & Durable
  • Lightweight





12.  OneTigris Airsoft Mask

The OneTigris Airsoft Mask is made of 1000D nylon for durability and water and dirt resistance. It is ideal for paintball, airsoft, and many other outdoor games and activities.

Additionally, it provides a secure and comfortable fit with its soft padded nylon fabric. There are no pressure points on your face thereby providing good ventilation and easy breathing. it is lightweight, foldable, and portable.





      What We Like:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • 100D Nylon
  • Secure & Comfortable Fit





What To Look For In An Airsoft Mask?

1.  Materials

The type of material your airsoft mask is made of is very important. There are two types: plastic and steel. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Plastic masks provide protection and are lightweight. But it is not the best at air circulation. Its impact-resistant property is great. On the other hand, wire mesh is easy to wear and is breathable but tends to let fragments through to your face.





2.  Design

There are two types of design: half and full masks. A full-face mask gives you complete protection of your face. Full-face can be a little bit difficult to position against your stock when shooting. On the other hand, half-face masks provide protection from your eyes down. You can wear a pair of goggles for added protection.





3.  Straps

The straps help to get the mask to fit you properly. You want to look at the straps on the face mask to make sure they are durable and comfortable. Many airsoft masks are designed with adjustable straps. The straps help provide a secure fit to your face.





4.  Eye Protection

You want the best eye protection you can get from an airsoft mask. If it is a half-mask, you will need goggles. You should inspect the mask and verify that there is no space between the mask or goggles and the rest of it. Additionally, make sure the airsoft mask you choose is fog-proof.





5.  Lenses

The lenses should be ANSI-rated and should be ballistic. Your mask or goggles will protect you from flying small fragments and projectiles. If the lens isn’t ANSI rated or has ballistic properties, it could crack and break.





6.  Goggles

If you use goggles, make sure it seals your eyes and there are no openings between the goggles and your skin. Additionally, you want to know the strength of the goggles at different distances. There will be a difference in the speed and impact a BB has on your face and body depending on the distance you are away from the shooter. It is important to make sure your goggles or face mask can absorb the hit without getting damaged.





7.  Comfortability

Another important factor to consider is comfort. You want to make sure the airsoft mask is really comfortable on your face for a considerable amount of time as some games take a long time to complete. Some masks are designed with pads or sponges around the eyes and ears for added comfort.





8.  Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is a factor to consider if you decide to get a full-face mask. It has to be ventilated to allow you to easily breathe when it is on. Proper ventilation of the mouthpiece helps to keep the temperature down in the mask and helps with communication.





9.  Air Circulation

Circulation is an important factor to consider. You want a face mask that provides good airflow. Many use the masks for sports activities and you don’t want to be perspiring while playing which will almost take the fun out of it. Ventilation is key.





10.  Anti-Fog Goggles

If you are using goggles, make sure that they are anti-fog. Many goggles manufacturers claim their products are anti-fog, but you must verify this.





11.  Sizing

Sizing is another important factor to consider. You want the right size of the face mask that fits securely. The one you choose should fit the size and shape of your head properly. Make sure to carefully study the measurements.





15.  Price

The price is a key factor. Make sure the mask is well priced for the protection and other amenities you get from it. There are reasonably priced face masks that provide good protection. There is no need to overspend on face masks.





Types Of Airsoft Masks

1.  Half Mask

Half mask covers and protects from the eyes down. You don’t get any protection for your eyes and will need to get goggles for your eyes.





2.  Full Mask

Unlike half masks, full masks give you complete protection for your face. You don’t need goggles.







Are airsoft mesh masks safe?
Airsoft mesh masks are not safe. You can easily get hit with fragments.
Do you need a mask for airsoft?
Using a face mask for airsoft is a choice you have to make if it is not required. All sanctioned fields require eye protection and most require full-seal protection. It is common to find out that players under a certain age are required to wear full-face protection.
Can paintball masks be used for airsoft?
Yes, a paintball mask can be used for airsoft. In fact, it is rated to withstand a heavier impact than an airsoft mask can.





Best Airsoft Face Masks







The Bottom Line

Airsoft masks have steadily become popular with the sport of airsoft. In this guide, we reviewed some of the best airsoft masks, explaining their strengths and weaknesses. It is our hope that this guide will help you make an informed decision on your choice.
Our pick for an airsoft face mask is the Fansport Airsoft Mask.