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Are you looking for the best hunting backpacks? Do you find it confusing to choose a backpack with a variety of hunting backpacks on the market? We help you make an informed decision by providing the factors to consider when you choose one and also review some of the best hunting backpacks on the market today.

1.  Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack

The Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack is ideal for hunting, hiking, fishing, and camping. It is made of 600D x 300D polyester. This hunting backpack features a fully padded back panel that circulates air to keep you dry. It is one of the best hunting backpacks on the market today.

Additionally, this backpack features contoured shoulder straps that make it easy to carry with you on your hunting trips. It also has an adjustable sternum strap and side compression straps that balance the load thereby making it comfortable.

You have enough storage space to store your hunting items with four external pockets and a front mesh stash pocket. You can comfortably carry your cell phone as the bottom pocket features a built-in organizer and a cell phone holder.

Moreover, this hunting backpack features the Gear-Lock locking system. It also has large zipper pulls that make getting your gear easy and quick. It is also hydration compatible. We reviewed some of the best hunting boots to help you choose the right one for your outdoor activities in this article.

      What We Like:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Gear-Lock Locking System
  • Adjustable Closure
  • Hydration COmpatible

2.  ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit

As one of the best hunting backpacks, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is great for hunters, fishermen, hikers, and campers. Its front pocket easily stores all of your hunting items. There is also a drop-down pocket that can securely store your rifle or bow.

Quiver holders are on each side of the backpack. It even has more pockets for storage with its padded waist belt that features two pockets and can accommodate clip-style holsters. This hunting backpack weighs 4 pounds and has a Realtree edge camouflage pattern. This hunting backpack has a built-in rain cover.

       What We Like:

  • Organizational Shelf Pocket
  • Large Front & Main Pocket
  • Drop Down Pocket
  • Built-In Rain Cover

3.  ALPS OutdoorZ Ranger Day Pack

The ALPS Ranger hunting backpack is ideal for small trips. It features a front and main pocket to keep you organized by separating your items. It has padded shoulder straps and webbing handles that provide comfort and convenience.

Moreover, this backpack features a Realtree edge pattern and weighs 1 pound. It gives you plenty of space to carry the items you need on your excursions with 1450 cubic inches of space. This is another hunting backpack in the ALPS series that is popular and considered one of the best hunting backpacks on the market today.

      What We Like:

  • Large Front Accessory & Main Pocket
  • Front Organizational Pocket
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Webbing Handle
  • Multiple Attachment Points

4.  ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Backpack

The Dark Timber backpack is a great choice for hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping trips. It had a padded waistbelt and shoulder straps to keep you comfortable when carrying a load. This hunting backpack makes carrying heavy loads easier and more compatible with side compression straps that bring the backpack’s weight closer to your body.

Moreover, it features an adjustable sternum strap that balances the weight and ensures you are comfortable.  It has multiple attachment points for gear with its bar-tacked webbing. This hunting backpack is hydration compatible. ALPS produces very good hunting backpacks and the Dark Timber is no exception. It is one of the best hunting backpacks available today.

        What We Like:

  • Multiple Attachment Points
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Padded Waistbelt & Shoulder Straps
  • Mesh Side Pockets

5.  ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack

As one of the best hunting backpacks, the ALPS TrailBlazer hunting backpack is a hunter’s dream. It gives you enough space to store your hunting gear at 2,500 cubic inches of space. It features expandable pockets to carry your rifle or bow.

This hunting backpack has a large front pocket, two side mesh pockets, and a hydration pocket and port. It also features a front lashing strap and bar-tacked webbing that gives extra storage space and multiple attachment points for additional gear.

Moreover, it also has padded shoulder straps for comfort when you carry a load. This hunting backpack features a PE frame sheet that provides extra support and structure to the backpack. Your backpack and gear are protected from the rain with its rain cover.

      What We Like:

  • Front Lashing System
  • Multiple Attachment Points
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Built-in Rain Cover

6.  ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix

The ALPS Matrix is a very versatile hunting backpack. This backpack offers all that a hunter needs and then some more. It features two padded straps at the top that wraps around your firearm, then it is secured to each side. The ALPS MAtrix is a very popular backpack and is considered one of the best hunting backpacks on the market.

Moreover, it has two “wing pockets” on the front are additional layers of protection and secure your weapon. For larger loads, this backpack has two extension lashing straps. It also features a drop-down pocket that serves to secure your weapon.

Additionally, its waistbelt has two pockets, one on each side. To give you even more comfort as you carry your load in this backpack, it has a padded shoulder harness. For added support when you carry heavy loads, it features a center aluminum stay.

This hunting backpack makes you prepared even for rain with its blaze orange rain cover. It is hydration compatible with its hydration pocket and port. This hunting backpack allows you to take along your crossbow gun or bow with its crossbow pack. It also accommodates the quivers with its holder.

       What We Like:

  • Center Aluminium Stay
  • Crossbow Pack
  • Quiver holder
  • Fastening System
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Zippered Wing Pockets

7.  TideWe Hunting Backpack

As one of the best hunting backpacks, the TideWe Hunting Backpack provides enough room for all of your gear with its 2200 cubic inches of space. It is made of durable polyester. It helps you stay organized for your excursions. Its multi-pocket design keeps the gear separated and prevents long periods of searching for items.

Its channeled back paneling provides support and breathability when you move to and from your hunting stand. More comfort is provided with the padded waist belt. This hunting backpack is durable and wear-resistant. Moreover, your gear is protected with its built-in rain cover. It is waterproof and had a Realtree edge camouflage pattern. How to hunt from a treestand is discussed in this article to help you become a better hunter from a treestand.

       What We Like:

  • Durable Polyester
  • Wear-Resistant & Durable Bottom Fabric
  • Lightweight

8.  TIDEWE Hunting Pack

With its 3400 cubic inch capacity and weight of 6 pounds, this TIDEWE hunting backpack is ideal for hunting, hiking, camping, and fishing trips. Moreover, it is made of high-performance fabric that makes it durable. To secure your loads, this hunting backpack features a strong carbon steel frame. It is compatible with hydration systems that keep you hydrated on long trips.

This backpack is designed with soft and thick padding that reduces pressure and makes it easier to trek through the woods. It has adjustable shoulder and sternum straps making carrying the load more comfortable as it is balanced.

This backpack is kept dry and scent-free with its breathable fabric. It has a front pocket consisting of three main storage spaces, a small front pocket, and side pockets on the shoulder straps.

      What We Like:

  • Carbon Steel Frame
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Soft & Thick Padding Design

9.  TIDEWE Hunting Backpack

This hunting backpack features a 2-in-1 for your bow or rifle. With 5500 cubic inches, you have ample storage space to accommodate all of your hunting items. You can customize the backpack with its adjustable shoulder straps and frame. Moreover, its ergonomic design with soft and breathable padding reduces pressure when you take long walks in the woods.

Additionally, your head is protected from being hit with its curved top frame design. It is also lightweight and compact. This backpack is durable with its high-performance Realtree fabric, buckle, and stitching.

Moreover, the reinforced Hypalon reduces abrasion for the frame at the frame connection. It is compatible with hydration systems to keep you hydrated on long walks. It also features a waterproof rain cover thereby keeping all of your gear dry and safe. It also has a drop-down rifle holder, side pockets, a zippered pocket, full-length double zippers, removable straps, and a waist bag.

      What We Like:

  • Removable Straps
  • Full-length Double Zippers
  • Drop-Down Rifle Holder
  • Zippered Pocket
  • Easy Access Waist Bag

10.  Pans Backpack

This backpack is ideal for hunting, trekking, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. This backpack’s capacity can be increased to 64L when you open the side zippers. It features the Molle system that allows you to add small pouches or velcro to modify it into the backpack of your choice.

This backpack has four main loading areas. You have two walkie-talkie pouches on the bag’s backstrap. Moreover, it has an adjustable chest belt that can reduce the pressure thereby making it more comfortable as you carry your load.

      What We Like:

  • Molle System
  • Expandable backpack
  • Multiple Compartments

11.  Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack

The Gelindo backpack features the Molle system that allows you to customize and build your backpack with additional pouches or velcro. It has enough storage space with a 35L capacity. It is ideal for trekking, traveling, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

This backpack is hydration compatible. With its double stitches, this backpack is durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it is breathable and comfortable with mesh padding on the back. It features multi-compartment, zippered pockets, and two extra pockets on the waist.

       What We Like:

  • Molle System
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Reliable & Durable

What To Look For In The Best Hunting Backpacks?

1.  Load Hauling

A hunting backpack that gives you the option to strap your catch to it and move through the woods hands-free is a great advantage. When you are choosing a backpack, find out if it has this ability; it makes life easier in the woods. Most of the best hunting backpacks are designed with this feature which makes it easy to carry your game animal out of the woods.

2.  Sizing

Another important factor to consider is the sizing. It is important to make sure the backpack is a proper fit. Many backpacks today are designed with adjustable straps to adjust them to your size.

This applies to the waistbelt as well. You want one that also fits you properly, not small and not too big. if you don’t get the sizing spot on for your backpack and the waistbelt, your efficiency will suffer while you are on your trips.

3.  Space

The hunting backpack you decide to buy should provide enough space to carry all of the items you need for your hunting or another trip. Many of the best hunting backpacks today are designed with a lot of space. Make sure the one you choose has enough space for your trips.

4.  No Noise

This is very important for hunting. The backpack you choose should be designed to produce as little to no noise as possible. You don’t want to give away a location as you set up or pack up. Many of the best hunting backpacks are designed to produce little to no noise.

5.  Comfort & Durability

You want a backpack that is durable and comfortable. When you haul your catch through the woods in your backpack with all of your hunting gear and other items, you want this to be as comfortable as it can be. The design of the backpack will allow for that. Moreover, the best hunting backpacks have to be durable to meet your needs as the nature of your activities requires a durable and long-lasting backpack.

6.  Organization

This is closely related to the space the backpack offers. You want it to offer some level of organization especially if you are a hunter. Many are designed with front, side, and rear pockets to store your hunting gear and other items.

Moreover, they are designed in a way that makes your packing very organized with certain items stored away in different pockets. This prevents you from searching endlessly for items and producing noise while you set up in the woods.

7.  Weight

The weight of the backpack is very important. You have to find out how heavy it is to have an idea of the total weight you will carry as you trek through the woods. The heavier it is without anything in it, the heavier it will be with all of your hunting gear and other items.

This will then means the harder it will be for you to move through the woods maybe with your catch as another addition. All of this has to be taken into consideration when you find out what the backpack weighs.

8.  Materials

The materials that the backpack is made of are very important. Find out all of the materials that the backpack is made of. The kinds of materials determine the durability, comfortability, amount of noise it produces, breathability, weight, and more. The best hunting backpacks are made of high-quality materials.

Some of the materials used to produce backpacks are nylon and fleece. They have their strong and weak points. Fleece fabrics are quiet but not the best concerning tear resistance, puncture resistance, water resistance, and the ability to collect burrs. On the other hand, nylon is easy to sew, is quiet, strong, more affordable, and has some level of water resistance.

9.  Compression

The compression system of the backpack is very important. It determines how well your gear and catch are firmly secured, how easy it is to use the backpack, and how comfortable it will be to move with the gear and your catch.

10.  Weapon Carry

How you carry your weapon or bow as you move through the woods is very important. Are you moving hands-free or do you carry your rifle or bow in your hands? Is your backpack designed to securely strap the rifle or bow? The backpack you choose should have the capability to securely store your rifle or bow and your catch as you move. This will free up your hands to help you move faster as it gets darker.

Most of the best hunting backpacks are designed to safely carry your firearm or bow and arrows. This feature is very important as it frees up your hands to move freely and quickly as you move through the woods.

Types Of Hunting Backpacks

1.  Standard Hunting Pack

The Standard Hunting Pack is the most common hunting backpack. This type of hunting backpack is designed with a lot of padding, zippers, and pockets. Additionally, they weigh in the range of 2 to 5 pounds and have a volume in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 cubic inches.

2.  Packable Hunting Pack

This hunting backpack has a unique design. It folds into its own pocket to reduce its size. It is more lightweight than the standard backpack.

3.  Hydration Hunting Pack

The hydration backpack becomes very useful on long walks in which you need to keep yourself hydrated. They are designed to accommodate water bottles or some other type of water storage to provide you with water.

Hunting Backpack Accessories

1.  Molle Accessory Pouch

This molle pouch adds more space for your hunting items. It makes your essential items easily accessible.

2.  Paracord Bracelet

This paracord bracelet gets you prepared to survive any situation without overpacking your hunting backpack.

3.  Sling Saddle

The sling saddle allows you to carry your rifle hands-free. It provides a basic solution to a problem many hunters encounter.

4.  Multi-Hook Accessory Holder

This multi-hook accessory holder allows you to hang multiple accessories for easy and quiet access on the lightweight belt that can be placed around a tree.

Walmart Hunting Backpacks

Walmart has a variety of hunting backpacks that you can check out from this link.
What is the best hunting backpack?
There are many very good hunting backpacks that could be listed here. However, the best hunting backpack for you will be the one that meets all of your needs. When you are deciding which one to buy, make sure most of the items on your list of important factors are met by the one you choose.
How do I choose a hunting backpack?
Choose your hunting backpack by doing some research and deciding which factors are most important to you. Some are the weight of the backpack, how much space it provides, how comfortable is it, its durability, how much noise it produces, its size, the materials or fabrics it is made of, and its ability to carry your catch and your weapon of choice, and its level of compression.
What should be in a hunting pack?
Your hunting backpack should have water, a first aid kit, rain gear, snacks or food, a good <a href="https://www.thehuntingterrain.com/top-10-field-dressing-kits-in-2021-for-the-money/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">field dressing</a> knife, a headlamp, rubber gloves, game or trash bags, a flashlight, a rangefinder, a survival blanket, baby wipes, a fire starter, a game call, and your hunting license.
What is backpack hunting?
A hunting backpack is a backpack specifically designed to meet the needs of a hunter, fisherman, camper, hiker, or any outdoorsman. It usually has many pockets to store hunting gear and other items. Additionally, it provides a lot of space. Some are designed to carry along the catch as well as the hunter’s weapon of choice. Moreover, they are designed to be durable and comfortable.

Best Hunting Backpacks

The Bottom Line

The hunting backpack has become very popular with hunters over the last couple of decades. It is a hunter’s dream as it allows him to carry everything he needs on his trip and carry along his catch and his weapon.

In this guide, we not only reviewed some of the best hunting backpacks but also discussed the factors to consider when you choose yours. Our recommendation for a hunting backpack is the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit.

We also reviewed the best hunting gaiters, the best hunting boots, the best trail cameras, and the best hip waders that you can read if you are interested in any of those hunting products.