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Do you know how to hunt from a tree stand? Hunting from a tree stand improves your chances of success. Hunting from a position above the animal’s line of sight as well as from your human scent coming in direct contact with a whitetail deer’s nostrils presents the best opportunity to land the buck you worked so hard all hunting season to get.

In this article, we will discuss how to hunt from a treestand as well as how to choose the right tree stand for your hunting location, how to set up your stand safely, and how to make the most of hunting from a tree stand.

Types of Tree Stands

There are four main types of tree stands – the ladder, fixed position, climbing, and tree saddles.

1.  Ladder Tree Stand

Ladder stands are designed with a ladder built as part of the tree stand. This design makes it easy for the hunter to climb into the tree stand without attracting much attention. With ladder tree stands, there are no other parts to assemble to the stand that may create noise that attracts the attention of deer.

Ladder tree stands are very sturdy and can be secured firmly to a tree. They usually are designed with large seats and side rails. You can also find ladder stands with an optional shooting rail that caters to rifle hunters. Bow hunters can also use a ladder stand by removing the shooting rail.

There are also some ladder tree stands that are designed for more than one person. This can be useful if you have a hunting buddy or you want to teach your child how to tree hunt.

How To Hunt From A Tree Stand
How To Hunt From A Tree Stand

2. Fixed Position Tree Stand

Fixed position tree stands are lighter than ladder or climbing stands.  With fixed position stands, it is set up and remains set up for the entire hunting season. This makes it easy to use as you don’t have to take it down at the end of the hunting day.

Some fixed position stands are referred to as lock-on tree stands which are also called hang-on tree stands.  If you have scouted the hunting area well and know the routes and behaviors of your target, hang-on stands can be very effective.

Lock-on tree stands can also be used by bow hunters. They are lighter than ladder stands making them easy to set up, take down and travel.

3. Climbing Tree Stand

Climbing tree stands are useful when you are not familiar with the hunting ground.  With a climbing stand, you have the advantage to observe the hunting ground from a good vantage point. This helps you locate funnels, feed, and bedding spots. Climbing tree stands need the tree to few or be freed of limbs so your climbing can’t be obstructed. The best hunting ground blinds were reviewed and you can read it from this link.

4.  Tree Saddles

Tree saddles are a type of tree stand that could be in another category all by itself.  Tree saddles give you the ability to shoot in all directions as you are suspended and facing the tree. This also helps to give you cover and conceal you to some extent.

Hunting From A Tree Stand
Hunting From A Tree Stand

How To Hunt From A Tree Stand

1.  Choose The Right Tree

Locate a tree that is sturdy and tall enough to give you a good vantage point. However, you don’t want it to be so tall that it can sway in the wind.

2.  Place It At The Right Height

You will have to place your tree stand at the right height. This is a tricky one that is very important. It can’t be too high and neither can it be lower to the ground so that you can easily be spotted by your target. The acceptable height is 12 feet off the ground.

3.   Use a Safety Harness

Whenever you hunt from a tree stand, discipline yourself to use a safety harness. This is a very important safety measure that will prevent major injuries in case of a fall.

4.  Wind Direction

When hunting from a tree stand, position yourself so that the wind is at your back. This prevents your human scent from being carried by the wind to the animals and alerts them.

5.  Be Calm & Patient

One of the most overlooked tips for hunting from a tree stand is to remain calm and patient.  Animals hear and see much better than we think. They can spot movement and pick up the slightest of sounds. You want to learn to be calm and patient when you hunt from a tree stand.

6.  Your Clothing

You want to blend in with your surroundings and not give away your location to your target. For this reason, the clothing you wear is very important as any other tip for success in tree stand hunting. Camouflage clothing is the standard for not only tree stand hunting but hunting in general.

7.  Practice, Practice & Practice

Always practice your shot many times before going out to hunt from a tree stand. You want to have a lot of practice so that it is second nature to get ready and take aim at your target. You want this to be easy and almost mechanical.

Hunting Tree Stands
Hunting Tree Stands

How To Find The Right Tree Stand

1. Height

When choosing a tree stand, you want to factor in its height.  If you are hunting from ground level, you will want a tree stand that is tall enough to provide a clear viewpoint. If you are hunting from an elevated position, you want a tree stand that is not too high off the ground.

2. Weight

You want to be certain that the tree stand can support your weight and any gear that you carry.

3. Price

Another factor to consider when choosing a tree stand is the price. You want to choose a tree stand that will make you successful in hunting from a tree stand but also be within your price range.

4.  Easy To Set Up

You want a tree stand that is easy to set up and take down. You want to spend the least amount of time setting up a tree stand with the least amount of noise.  A tree stand with a few parts to set up is more desirable.

Tree Stand Hunting
Tree Stand Hunting

Tree Stand Hunting Safety Tips

1.  Hunting Harness

Always wear a hunting harness to prevent serious injuries in case you fall. The hunting harness must be rated and should fit you properly. It should have a quick connect/disconnect system that allows you to safely attach and detach from the tree stand. You can read a review of the best hunting harnesses on the market today from this link.

2.  Practice, Practice & Practice

Practice how to use the hunting harness. Do many repetitions of attaching and detaching from the tree stand. Always check your gear and make sure it is in operable condition before you set out on a tree stand hunt.

3.  Unloaded Firearm

Always make sure your firearm is unloaded when you hunt from a tree stand until you are ready to shoot.  An accidental discharge will be avoided when you climb or descend when your firearm is unloaded.

4.  Plan For Emergencies

Always plan for emergencies. Be familiar with the surroundings and have multiple escape routes in case you need to get out quickly. Keep a fully charged phone, a map, and a compass with you.

5.  Inform Someone of Your Plans

Always inform someone of your hunting plans and when you intend to return home. In case something happens, they may know where to start looking for you.

6.  Follow Manufacturer  Instructions

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up and using the stand. Doing this will ensure the tree stand is securely set up and this will prevent accidents.

7. Carrying Equipment

Never carry equipment with you when climbing. Always use a haul line to raise or lower your gear.

Hunting Tree Stands
Hunting Tree Stands

Setting Up Your Tree Stand

1. Find The Right Tree

You need to find a tree that is tall enough to give you a clear view of the hunting area. However, you don’t want a tree so tall that it sways in the wind and is difficult to climb and descend.

2.  Attach The Stand To The Tree

Attach the tree stand to the tree using straps or bolts.

3.  Secure Your Hunting Gear

Secure your hunting gear including binoculars, forearms, ammunition, etc. to the tree stand. The best hunting binoculars were reviewed to help you find the right one for your outdoor adventures and you can read it from this link.

4.  Climb In

Climb into the tree stand and get ready to hunt.

Tree Stand Accessories

1.  Lineman’s Rope

The lineman rope can be used for almost any task related to climbing your tree stand.

2. Fall Protection Tree Strap

The fall protection tree strap prevents you from serious injury in case of a fall.

3. Treestand Umbrella

The treestand umbrella helps shield you from direct sunlight or rain.

4.  Treestand Storage Bag

The treestand storage bag stores your other gear.

5. Treestand Multi Hook Accessory Holder

The treestand accessory holder holds much of your gear.

What is a tree stand?
A tree stand is an elevated platform that allows you to have a clear view of the hunting area to spot your target and take a good shot.
How do you pick a good tree stand?
When choosing a tree stand, you want to consider its height, weight, ability to easily be set up and taken down as well the price.
What are the 3 main types of tree stands?
Ladder, fixed position, and climbing are the three main types of tree stands. Tree saddles are referred to as a type of hunting tree stand.
What is the safest type of tree stand?
Ladder tree stands are considered the safest tree stand.

The Bottom Line

Hunting from a tree stand gives a hunter more success than most other hunting methods. You are at an elevated position away from the target’s line of sight. Moreover, if you position yourself the right way in regard to the wind, the target will not pick up your scent and get alerted.

In this article, we discussed how to hunt from a tree stand, how to choose the right tree stand, how to set it up, and tree hunting safety tips. You can read about the best bow and gear hoists, the best tree stand harnesses, the best trail cameras, the best climbing treestands, and the best predator calls.