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Do you want to learn how to catch flounder? Flounders are widespread and are receptive to natural and artificial baits. They are also tasty fish. In this article, we discuss how to catch flounder. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced flounder angler, you will learn how to be successful with catching flounders.



How To Catch Flounder
How To Catch Flounder












Fishing Flounder Tips

1. Flounders like drop-offs and ledges. Locate drop-offs and ledges and there will be flounders there waiting to ambush their prey. Locate areas where the current runs from shallow to deeper water and the odds are you will find flounders there.




2. The best way to approach flounder in shallow water is by wading. It doesn’t spook the flounders and you can use your feet to find little drop-offs the flounders like.




3. The best time to fish ledges for flounders is when the current is flowing from shallow to deep. The flounders gather on the deep side of the ledge anticipating bait.


How To Fish Flounders
How To Fish Flounders













4. Casts that are made parallel to the ledge are often very productive as the lure is kept in the strike zone throughout the entire retrieve.




5. You can locate hot spots of flounder by walking mud bars when the tide recedes. If you find “flounder tracks” while wading the shallow mud and sand flats at low tide, then that is a hot spot to look for flounders when the tide comes back in.


Flounder Fishing Tricks
Flounder Fishing Tricks











6. Flounders don’t take bait or lure at the moment it is presented. They follow it during the retrieval. When they behave like this, the flounder will reside at the bottom, right under the boat. In this scenario, continue working a jig or bait directly under the skiff.




7. Creeks that feed into bays, bayous, rivers, sounds, and the Intracoastal Waterway are great areas to locate flounders.




8. Any creek run-out will have fish. The run-outs that are near creek bends are some of the best run-outs. You will discover a large amount of fish in a creek bend that has a number of run-outs pouring in from different directions.


Catching Flounder Tricks
Catching Flounder Tricks










9. Flippin’ is a technique used by anglers to fish heavy cover. It is usually used to fish for freshwater bass. However, some anglers use it to fish for founders in hard-to-reach areas. This article on bass fishing tips helps you to be more successful in fishing for bass.




10. Drifting for flounders is a way to catch flounders and get to know the fishing area. You drift by letting the current or tide push the boat so you cover a lot of water quickly. When you find a possible area, run upcurrent. Turn the boat broadside to the flow and just drift along. Use bottom-bumping live-bait rigs or jigs.




11. To catch more flounder, keep your bait moving. With the bait in constant motion, you will locate rocks and pilings on the bottom and it will present the bait in a natural way. Flounder has the habit of waiting for bait to come to them. So keeping the bait moving is a great technique to catch flounders.


Flounder Fishing Tips
Flounder Fishing Tips











12. When a flounder bites in a tricky spot, slowly reel in the line and lead it to a place where it can be lured to the bait without the risk of a cut-off.




13. You can learn a lot about the bottom by fishing jigs and/or live bait on a standard fish-finder rig, especially when using a low-stretched braided line. Depending on depth sounders to show the location of rocks and drop-offs is not the only way to learn about the bottom.




14. Live baitfish is one of the best bait for catching flounders.




15. Move live bait across the path of flounders and wait for them to strike. Flounder like to hide and ambush their prey. This behavior makes this technique of moving the live bait across the path of flounders very effective.




16. It is easier to fish for flounders when they migrate toward the ocean in the Fall between September and November. They migrate toward the ocean to spend the winter there before returning.


Flounder Fishing Ideas
Flounder Fishing Ideas











17. Flounders are usually found near the bottoms. They like to lie on their sides at the bottom of rivers.




18. Experiment with artificial bait. Use red, pink, white, or yellow grub-tailed jigs. Flounders do prefer artificial baits sometimes.




19. Before you reel a fish in, wait about five seconds to make sure its mouth is hooked. Flounders lie sideways on the ground and it takes a few seconds for them to get a good grip on the bait.



Catching Flounder Ideas
Catching Flounder Ideas














20. Another way to catch flounders is by gigging. Gigging is spearing the fish with a barbed spike. You can fish at night and wade through shallow water and while the fish are stationary, you spear them.




21. A good place to target flounder (fluke) is an area with good tide movements like jetties, creeks, and channels. Flounders will not be in the fastest part of the water, rather they will be near breaks in the current.




22. You will find record-making doormats around wrecks and reefs 10 to 25 miles off the coast.




Catching Flounder Tips
Catching Flounder Tips












Bait For Catching Flounder

1. Minnow



2. Mullet



3. Croaker



4. Sea Worms



5. Clams






What bait is best for flounder?
Minnows, mullet, shad, sea worms, clams, and croaker are some of the best bait for catching flounder.
What time of day is best to catch flounder?
Early morning and late afternoon is the best time of the day to catch flounder.
What is the best depth to catch flounder?
The best depth to catch flounder is between 5 to 30 feet.
What size hooks for flounder?
4/0 t0 6/0 sized hooks work well for flounders.
Can you catch flounder on a hook?
Yes, you can catch flounders on a hook and small hooks are the best to use on flounders.
Can you use Vaseline on crossbow strings?
Never, ever use a vaseline-type rail lube as it can gum up your trigger.





The Bottom Line

Flounders are a popular target of anglers. In this article, we discussed how to catch flounders to help you be successful on your fishing trips. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, there will be things that you will learn to be a better angler. You can learn how to catch a grass carp in a pond from this article.