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Do you want to hunt snowshoe hares? Would you like to know how to hunt snowshoe hares? There is no better winter small game to hunt than snowshoe hares. Hunting them is not easy as there are many predators trying to get these animals for their next meal. In this article, we discuss how to hunt snowshoe hares.

How To Hunt Snowshoe Hares
How To Hunt Snowshoe Hares

How To Hunt Snowshoe Hares

1. Scouting

Scouting is the first thing to do when hunting any animal and the snowshoe hare is no exception. Look for areas with a lot of undergrowth with overhead cover. They feed on the undergrowth and use the overhead cover as protection from aerial predators. Look for areas with a lot of pine trees and conifers. You can e-scout using Google Earth or hunting apps like onX or HuntWise. Additionally, look for areas with tracks, droppings, and trails.

2. Carry Out Drives

One strategy to hunt snowshoe hares is to execute drives. If you spot areas that can be a potential cover for snowshoe hares, one hunter, who is the “driver”, can walk slowly in the area where there is a cover. Walk slowly and stop. They continue to walk slowly and stop again. Repeat this and it will make the snowshoe hares uneasy with your movements. It will cause them to leave their cover. The”watcher” should be positioned where they expect the “drivers” to push the snowshoe hares out of cover and into the open.

Snowshoe Hare Hunting Tips
Snowshoe Hare Hunting Tips

3. Kick The Vegetation

When you are walking in brush or young spruce trees with a lot of lower boughs, kick the vegetation. Often hares will be hiding in there and you will get them to flush out.

4. Hunting Snowshoe Hares With Dogs

Hunting hares with dogs is a lot easier as the dogs will pick up the scent of the hares and bo on their trail. Hares find it very difficult to shake the dogs off their trail and you can spot them as they try to lose the dogs. Be ready to take the shot as the hares move from one area to another trying to hide from the dogs. Also, be careful not to hit the dogs as they will be frantically chasing down the hares.

Snowshoe Hare Hunting Ideas
Snowshoe Hare Hunting Ideas

5. Late Season Hunt

When there is a warm period during the late season. The snow usually melts and the forest turns brown, making the snowshoe hare’s white coat stand out in a field of brown leaves. This makes it an easy target.

6. Black Marble-like Eyes

It is an old hunter’s saying that you should look for the black marble-like eyes in the white surrounding of the winter woods. By just searching for the eyes, you will be amazed at how many times you will spot them. This targeting makes it easier to find the hares as you are not trying to spot the snow white hare in the snow. You are just looking for the black marble eyes.

Additionally, you can also look for their black ear tips. By just searching for the black ear tips, you will be amazed at how many times you will spot hares.

Hunting Snowshoe Hares
Hunting Snowshoe Hares

7. Fresh Snow

When it has snowed at night and there is fresh snow on the ground in the morning, get out and hunt the hares. Look for tracks in the snow and see where they are going. If they lead to thick cover, then you know that hares most likely are in that area. You can then set up and use binoculars to scan the area for the hares.

8. Weapon of Choice

A shotgun is ideal for hunting snowshoe hares, but a small-bore rifle can also be used to hunt hares.

Hunting Snowshoe Hare Tricks
Hunting Snowshoe Hare Tricks

9. Bonus Hunts

Don’t be surprised as you hunt snowshoe hares that you come across woodcocks and ruffed grouse. They can be found in the same areas where you will find hares and they will be like bonus finds on your snowshoe hare hunts.

Hunting Hare Tips
Hunting Hare Tips
What do you hunt snowshoe hares with?
You can hunt snowshoe hares with shotguns and rifles although many hunters preferred weapon is the shotgun.
Is snowshoe hare good to eat?
Snowshoe hares are good to eat if you cook them.
Where can you find snowshoe hares?
Snowshoe hares can be found in conifer stands with dense undergrowth, forests with brushy ground cover, willow thickets, alder bottoms, cedar swamps, spruce-fir bigs, and areas with young, dense stands of mixed softwoods and hardwoods.
How do you hunt for hares?
You can hunt hares with a shotgun or a small-bore rifle. You can also use dogs to hunt hares.
How do you bait snowshoe hare?
You can use corn on the cob or dried apples as bait for hares.
What does a hare taste like?
Snowshoe hares taste more like chicken than red meat even though it has a gamey flavor.

The Bottom Line

Hunting snowshoe hares is challenging as you will cover a lot of ground. They blend perfectly with their environment and you will have to work to spot them in their habitats. In this article, we discussed how to hunt snowshoe hares to help you be more successful in hunting hares. If you want to also learn how to hunt jackrabbits, then read this article.

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