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A crossbow is a powerful hunting tool, but it’s important to keep it in good condition if you want it to last. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks for how to maintain your crossbow. We’ll cover everything from cleaning to storage to repairs. If you follow these guidelines, your crossbow will stay in good shape for years to come!

How To Maintain Your Crossbow
How To Maintain Your Crossbow

How To Maintain Your Crossbow

1. Inspecting The Bow

Inspecting the bowstring is an important part of maintaining your crossbow.  This involves checking it for fraying, wear, and tear. If there is any damage, the string has to be replaced.

2. Inspecting The Crossbow

Regularly inspect the crossbow for any damage or wear and tear. Inspect it carefully for any cracks in the stocks or limbs. Make sure all the screws are always tight.

3. Tuning The Bowstring

Regularly check the crossbow’s string for any signs of wear and tear.  If the string is frayed or broken, it has to be replaced. It is good practice to check the string before each shooting session. After every 20 to 30 shots, wax the string. Additionally, inspect the cams and wheels for wear and tear. Every hunting season, it is good practice to replace the strings and cables. We did an article on the 30 hunting items every hunter needs and you can read it from this link.

4.  Oiling The Crossbow

To prevent corrosion, you need to regularly oil the crossbow. Lubricate the crossbow moving parts, including the trigger mechanism and the string, with light oil. If there is any excess oil, wipe it with a clean cloth.

Crossbow Maintenance
Crossbow Maintenance

5. Arrow Maintenance

Regularly inspect the arrows for any sign of damage or wear and tear. Look for cracks or chips in the shaft. If you find any, replace them. Wipe the arrows down with a soft cloth after each use to keep them clean and free of debris. Inspect the tips of the arrows for sharpness and keep them sharp by getting a professional’s help or sharpen them yourself.

Dull tips can result in the crossbow losing accuracy. A can of compressed air can also be used to remove dirt and debris after a hunting day.

6.  Never Dry Fire Your Crossbow

Never shoot your crossbow without an arrow. This can damage the crossbow.

7.  Store Your Arrows

Properly store your arrows in a quiver or crossbow case when they are not been used to keep them in good condition. The review on the best crossbow cases can be found at this link,

8.  Crossbow Storage

Put the crossbow in a  crossbow case and store it in a cool and dry location.

Maintain Crossbow
Maintain Crossbow

9.  Check Bolts & Screws

Regularly check the bolts and screws of the crossbow for tightness. If you hunt regularly during the hunting season, then you want to check the bolts and screws every few weeks. If you hunt monthly or sporadically, then checking the screws and bolts once a month will work.

10.  Clean The Scope Lens

When you notice your vision is cloudy due to fingerprints or other material coming into contact with the lens, you should clean the lens and lens cover. It is best to use lens-cleaning wipes.

11. Inspect The Cocking Mechanism

Inspect the cocking mechanism for any wear and tear. If any part is damaged, it has to be replaced. Additionally, check for any bolts, nuts, and screws that need to be tightened. Lubricate the cocking mechanism.

12.  Check Arrows For Straightness

Spin the arrows with field points to test for straightness. Check for bent ferrules, inserts, or shafts.  If there is any wobbling, find out which part of the arrow is the culprit. Sometimes the likelihood is that the arrow’s shaft is straight but the ferrule on the field point is bent. The field point can be replaced without discarding the arrow.

Crossbow Maintenance
Crossbow Maintenance Tips

Types of Crossbows

1. Recurve Crossbow

Recurve crossbows are the traditional crossbow with few parts. It is ideal for hunting small game as it is lightweight and requires low maintenance.

2.  Compound Crossbow

The compound crossbow is the newer crossbow with technological advancements. it features many parts and is heavier than the recurve crossbow. It is best suited for hunting larger game and is ideal for beginners. It is a high-maintenance crossbow.

Crossbow Ideas
Crossbow Ideas
Do crossbows require maintenance?
Yes, crossbows require maintenance, and how often you maintain them depends on how often you use them.
How often should you lube your crossbow?
You should lubricate your crossbow at least once a year. However, if you are an avid hunter that hunts regularly during the hunting season, you might want to lubricate it more than just annually.
Can you leave a crossbow loaded all day?
You should not leave the crossbow loaded longer than a 24-hour period. This can result in premature stretching of the string and cables which can lead to a loss in the crossbow’s performance.
Can you use Vaseline on crossbow strings?
Never, ever use a vaseline-type rail lube as it can gum up your trigger.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining your crossbow is very important for the crossbow to perform at a peak level. In this article, we discussed how to maintain your crossbow to help you keep it in the best condition. Hunting with crossbows is another effective way of hunting and some hunters prefer using crossbows over other weapons.

It requires a different set of skills that you can master over a period of time. You can improve your skills by getting some tips from this article on how to hunt deer with a crossbow.