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Do you want to learn how to catch more saugers? Saugers are very sensitive to light and you will find them in deeper water to escape the light from the sun. They are feisty and taste great. This makes them appealing to anglers. In this article, we share sauger fishing tips to help you catch and take more sauger home.

Sauger Fishing Tips
Sauger Fishing Tips

How To Catch Sauger

1. Vertical Jigging

Vertical jigging is one fishing method used by anglers to catch saugers. Drop the bait in the water and let it hit the bottom. Wait a few seconds and then pull it upward and then let it sink back to the bottom. This upward and downward motion might attract fish that will strike.

2. Trolling

Trolling is another fishing method used by anglers to catch saugers. Move the boat slowly when trolling, especially when using live bait. This allows the bait to live for a longer time. The line is attached at the back of the boat and when you get a bite, take the line and quickly reel in the fish.

3. Drift Fishing

Drift fishing is also used to catch saugers. Drift fishing involves moving the boat over different habitats with your bait. It allows you to cover a  lot of water and allows you to catch a variety of fish.

4. Stii Fishing

Still fishing is also used to catch sauger. It is a simple yet very effective way to catch fish. When stillwater fishing, drop your bait in the water and just wait for a strike. Don’t move the bait. When fish pick up the odor of the bait they will strike. Then you set the hook and reel in the fish. Still fishing is a good fishing method to introduce beginners to fishing although experienced anglers also use still fishing to catch fish.


How To Catch Sauger From The Bank

When fishing for sauger from the bank, look deep, dark, and swift water. Sauger likes to hang around that area. You will also find them around drop-offs where there is a significant change in the depth of the water. They will be in the re waiting for baitfish.

Additionally, areas of the water with strong currents will attract saugers. Lures, like jigs, and baits are often used when fishing for saugers. Jigging, trolling, and drifting are used when fishing for saugers.

Sauger Fishing Tips

1. Vertically jig using a large heavy jig up to 1 ounce. The jig can be soft plastics, feathers, or hair. The heavy jig will get down to the area where a sauger can be found.

2. Saugers are attracted to deeper, darker, and swifter water than walleyes.

3. Short jigs do a better job of reducing current, while longer jigs work well in stronger flows.

4. Saugers like slow-moving, and deep rivers. They can also be found in lakes and reservoirs. Being a migratory species, you will find saugers in a lot of habitats.

Sauger Fishing Tips For Beginners
Sauger Fishing Tips For Beginners

5. Adult saugers feed on leeches, crayfish, smaller fish, channel catfish, freshwater drum, and Grizzard shad. Smaller sauger eats insects and invertebrates.

6. Look for saugers in shallow water with cover, gravel bars, sandbars, and holes, and at points where two rivers meet in the fall.

7. In spring, saugers spawn. You will find them upstream in gravel or sandy bars downstream from dams and lock walls. They can also be found around rocks, debris, and along eddies.

Sauger Fishing
Sauger Fishing

8. Look for saugers in deer waters during the summer. In early summer, look for saugers near deep gravel bars and holes away from the shore. Late in summer, saugers can be found downstream from tailwaters near drop-offs and holes near confluences.

9. Early fishing when the sun is rising or late in the evening can be the best time to fish for saugers. Saugers come near the shore to feed during early mornings or late evenings.

10. Sauger tends to linger close to the bottom in some areas. You will need to bring your lure down to them. Just touch the bottom and hold for a few seconds. Then use a slow retrieve to tempt the sauger to follow and get bites. You may not get any bites if you move it too fast.

Tips For Sauger Fishing
Tips For Sauger Fishing

11. The color of the lure you use depends on the water you are fishing in. Use bright-colored lures or spinners in clear water and darker colors in murky waters.

12. Since saugers are not as aggressive or active as other species like bass, go with a tackle of medium weight. Additionally, choose a 7 to 9-foot rod and reel setup with average action for best line control. Get a fishing line that is close to a 10 lb test depending on how deep you will fish.

13. Saugers are very sensitive to scents, especially pheromones that lure females during the mating season. Therefore, if you are using scents, don’t overuse them. It will put off the sauger.

Sauger Fishing Tricks For Beginners
Sauger Fishing Tricks For Beginners

14. The best way to get the attention of saugers is using spinnerbaits or other kinds of flashy lures as they like to follow an object. Use a spinning lure that has 3 “spinners” if you want to catch saugers with a simple spinning lure.

15. If you haven’t been successful in catching saugers with bait or lures, try different approaches like float fishing, spin casting, or spinner baiting. You have to factor in how active and aggressive a sauger is to know which method to use.

16. Pulling a three-way rig up current is another presentation to fish for saugers.

Sauger Fishing For Beginners
Sauger Fishing For Beginners

Sauger Fishing Gear

1. Rods & Reels

A medium-heavy spinning rod that is 6 or 7 feet and a reel will do the job for fishing saugers.

2. Fishing Line

A monofilament line with an 8 to 12-pound test line will work for fishing saugers.

3. Hooks

A size #1, 1/0, 2/0, or 3/0 will do the job for sauger fishing.

Sauger Fishing Ideas
Sauger Fishing Ideas

Sauger Lures & Baits

1. Jigs

Jigs work well to catch sauger.

2. Spoons

spoons are great for attracting and catching sauger.

3. Crankbaits

Crankbaits are one of the best lures for saugers.

Fishing Sauger
Fishing Sauger

Sauger Live Bait

1. Nightcrawlers

One of the best sauger fishing tips to remember is that nightcrawlers are great bait for catching saugers and other fish.

2. Minnows

Minnows is another great bait for catching saugers and other fish.

3. Shad

Shad can also be used to catch saugers.

What is the best bait for sauger?
Live bait like minnows, nightcrawlers and shad are good choices for fishing for saugers.
Where can I find sauger?
Sauger is a migratory species. It can be found in many habitats based on the season. In summer, they are found in deep waters. In late summer, you can find saugers downstream from tailwaters near drop-offs and holes near confluences.

The Bottom Line

Saugers are unique fish as they are very light-sensitive and will move away from the light. They are tasty and this makes them a good target for anglers. If you want to learn how to catch more saugers, then we shared sauger fishing tips to help you be more successful in fishing for saugers whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler. 

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