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Do you want to catch walleye after walleye? Are you looking for walleye fishing tips to be more successful with fishing for walleye? Walleye can be a challenging fish to catch. They are not only serious fighters, but they are also tasty. This makes walleye a regular target of anglers. In this article, we share walleye fishing tips to help you catch more walleye.


Walleye Fishing Tips
Walleye Fishing Tips














Walleye Fishing Tips

1. The mouth of a tributary and the surrounding water attract walleye during the period from spring to fall. If you find a tributary, fish that area for walleye. Currents are created in lakes by inflowing tributaries.




2. Walleye move from deep resting areas to shallow, feeding spots using rocky points and sand bars. If you come across sand bars and rocky points, you just might have found hot spots for walleye.




3. Walleye loves humps. They are structures that walleye take interest in.




4. Walleye also take an interest in islands and reefs. When they are hit with waves, the shallow to mid-depth areas of islands and reefs produce food for walleye.


Walleye Fishing Tricks
Walleye Fishing Tricks














5. Sand and mud flats are also possible food sources for walleye. Yellow perch and aquatic invertebrates are found there which are food sources for walleye.




6. Healthy vegetation used by minnows and perch are targets for walleye. So also are large deep beds, isolated clumps and the outside edge of large weed flats.




7. Walleye see well in low light which makes dawn and dusk the best feeding times for walleye. Points, weed beds, flats, reefs, and shallow to mid-depth shorelines are also nighttime food sources for walleye.


Walleye Fishing Tricks For Beginners
Walleye Fishing Tricks For Beginners














8. Walleye become active with overcast skies as they diffuse light. Look for areas with a lot of forage and when there are overcast skies, fish those areas for walleye.




9. The side of structures that are hit by waves are prime target areas for walleye. The waves disrupt the water’s surface, diffusing light and facilitating feeding. Target the wave-hit side of structures for walleye.




10. It can be challenging on calm and sunny days to catch walleye. They usually go deeper into structures far away from the sunlight. Target those deep structures and the shade plants provide.




12. Using live bait to fish for walleye works almost all the time.


Walleye Fishing Tips For Beginners
Walleye Fishing Tips For Beginners














13. You will cover a lot of water and fish quickly when using a lure to fish for walleye.




14. Minnows, nightcrawlers, and leeches are the most commonly used live baits for walleye.




15. One of the best techniques for walleye fishing in rivers is vertical jigging. However, high winds or rains can dirty the water and put the fish off the jig bite. Try trolling the bottom when the water condition worsens.


Walleye Fishing Ideas
Walleye Fishing Ideas












16. One effective way to catch walleye is using trolling spoons. However, getting them deep down can sometimes pose a serious challenge. Use snap weights, in-line sinkers, diving planers, downriggers, or lead-core lines to attain the depth needed to reach walleye.




17. In early spring or late winter, when walleyes are moving up rivers to spawn, fly fish for walleye using nymphs or yarn flies that were drifted beneath salmon reeds or in deep holes.


Tips For Walleye Fishing
Tips For Walleye Fishing













18. During a mayfly hatch is a challenging time to catch walleye. Use a mayfly rig, which is a small spinner with a portion of a nightcrawler on a small hook, to increase your chances of catching walleye.




19. Take all types of live bait with you when jigging for walleye. The general consensus is to use minnows in cold waters and night crawlers and leeches or soft plastics in warmer waters. However, sometimes leeches and crawlers do better than minnows in cold water especially if the water is dirty. Similarly, walleye will prefer minnows in the summer heat to other bait.


Walleye Fishing Tips And Tricks
Walleye Fishing Tips And Tricks
















20. When trolling, alter the depth of your offerings by changing the diving bait or increasing the weight to the lines if you are using spinner rigs. The most active fish are often not at the bottom but are suspended in the water column.




How To Fish Walleye From Shore?

Walleye comes to the shore more often than you would imagine as they look for their next meal. They also come close to the bank at night. Look for shallow bays and flats close to drop-offs. There are a number of ways to fish for walleye from the shore.

You can use jigs when you cast out into the river’s edge. When you feel the “thud” on the bottom, lift your rod tip up and reel it in. Moving baits can also be used to fish for walleye from the shore. Usually, walleye are close to the shore in search of prey. They will attack moving baits as they are aggressive.

Another way to catch walleye from the shore is by using live bait. Use live bait if it is slow and you are not getting any bites. Leeches, golden shiners, minnows, and yellow perch are live bait that you can use. Dead bait also works well when you fish for walleye on the shore.


Tricks For Walleye Fishing
Tricks For Walleye Fishing














Best Walleye Baits

1. Minnows


2. Nightcrawlers


3. Leeches



Ideas For Walleye Fishing
Ideas For Walleye Fishing














Best Walleye Lures

1. Crankbaits


2. Jerkbaits


3. Blade Baits





What is the best bait for walleye?
Minnows are one of the best baits for walleye.
What is the best time of day to fish for walleye?
The best time of the day to fish for walleye is early morning and late evening.
How far should walleye be from the bottom?
Setting your rod 3 to 6 feet off the bottom is a good depth to target walleye.
What month is best for walleye?
The best time for walleye fishing is during spring and after the spawning season.
Are walleye top or bottom feeders?
Walleye are bottom feeders.
Do walleye feed up or down?
Walleye feed up.



The Bottom Line

The walleye is a tasty fish that is challenging to catch. It is one of the prime targets for anglers. In this article, we share walleye fishing tips to ramp up your fishing game to catch more walleye whether for the fun of it or for your dinner table. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, we hope there are fishing tips you can incorporate in your fishing of walleye.