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If you use binoculars for bird watching, hunting, or any other outdoor activity, then you know the importance of clean and clear binoculars. It is important to keep them clean. Not only will this improve the image quality, but it will also help to maintain the optical equipment and extend its life. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to clean binoculars.

How To Clean The Exterior of Binoculars?

1. Read The User’s Manual

This is a very important step but is often overlooked.  Before you start cleaning your hunting binoculars,  it is advisable that you read the user’s manual. The user manual will give you all the information you need to know about the proper care for binoculars.  It will also inform you of what to not use on the binoculars; it is important that you read it. We reviewed the best hunting binoculars and you can read it from this link.

2. Use a Soft Damp Cloth

Cleaning the exterior of the binoculars is the least challenging part to clean. Use a soft and damp cloth to wipe it thereby removing dirt and dust. A microfiber cloth is the best choice for cleaning binoculars. Additionally, the owner’s manual will inform you of the right material to clean the binocular.

How To Clean Binoculars
How To Clean Binoculars

How To Clean The Lenses of Binoculars?

1.  Lens Cleaning Solution

Use a lens cleaning solution to clean the lens.  The lens is a very important and delicate part of binoculars. It can’t be cleaned with any solution. This is one of the reasons to read the user’s manual before you start cleaning your binoculars.

2. Microfiber Cloth

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses.  You can’t use any cloth. Any regular cloth can easily damage the lenses. A microfiber cloth is what is needed to clean the lenses. Gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion starting from the center and working your way out.

3. Use A Soft Dry Brush

You can also use a soft dry brush, if needed, to dust off the lenses. This is done gently and is often not needed. It is important that the brush is very soft and will not scratch the lens of the binoculars. if you get this wrong, the binocular could be damaged.

Binoculars Cleaning Tricks
Binoculars Cleaning Tricks

How To Clean The Interior of Binoculars?

1.  Don’t Clean The Inside of Binoculars

If it can be avoided, it is best not to dismantle the binoculars and try to clean the interior.  You can easily alter the optical alignment by dismantling it.  You run the risk of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by dismantling it to clean the interior.  If it has to be done, then it should be referred for professional service.

However, if you still want to clean the interior, then follow the instructions in the user’s manual and use a lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to clean it.

How To Clean The Focus Wheel of Binoculars?

1.  Use a Soft and Dry Cloth

Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down the focus wheel.  You can use compressed air to blow away dirt or debris. After cleaning the focus wheel, you can apply lubricant to keep it moving smoothly. Once again, the owner’s manual may inform you of the type of material that you should use to clean the wheel.

Binoculars Cleaning Tips
Binoculars Cleaning Tips

How To Clean The Tripod Adapter of Binoculars?

1.  Detach The Adapter

Remove the adapter from the binoculars. Gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Be careful to avoid scratching the surface of the adapter.

2.  Use a Soft Brush or Cotton Swab

If there is dirt inside the adapter, use a gentle brush or a cotton swab to clean the inside. Be careful and do not scratch the surface. Reattach the adapter after cleaning it. Ensure that it is securely attached to prevent it from coming apart while you are using the binoculars.

Binoculars Cleaning
Binoculars Cleaning

The Parts of A Binocular

There are three main parts to a binocular. They are the lenses, the body, and the eyepieces. You can also factor in the focus wheel and the tripod adapter. Each part of the binoculars has to be cleaned and the process is slightly different.

Binoculars Cleaning Tips
Binoculars Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tools For Binoculars

1.  Lens Pen

2. A Can of Compressed Air

3. Microfiber Cloth

4. Lens Cleaning Solution

5. Soft Dry Brush

6. Cotton Swabs

What Not To Use To Clean Binoculars?

1. Regular Detergent or Dish Soap

Regular soap or detergent should not be used to clean binoculars. Many have the opinion that they can use regular detergent to clean optics and that is not the case. it can cause irreparable damage. It is best to follow the directions in the owner’s manual.

2. Personal Clothing

Personal clothing should not be used, even if it is clean, to clean binoculars. Microfiber cloth is usually used to clean optics and other sensitive screens but the best thing is to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

3. Toilet Paper or Paper Towel

Toilet paper or towels should also not be used.

4. Household Cleaners

Household cleaners are also the wrong cleaners for binoculars; don’t use them.

How often should you clean the binoculars?
How often you clean binoculars depend on where you live. If you live in a dry and dusty area of the country, then you need to clean it regularly. However, if where you live is not dry and dusty, then cleaning it once a year should be fine.
How to store the binoculars when they are not in use?
Store binoculars in a safe and clean place, preferably in a padded and durable case. to prevent bumps.
Can water damage binoculars?
You can’t use binoculars in water even if it is waterproof. Wipe off any amount of water that comes in contact with binoculars. Yes, water can damage<br /> binoculars.

The Bottom Line

If you are an avid outdoors individual, chances are you use a binocular. As you use it, it will need to be cleaned. Cleaning a hunting binocular is very important for its efficient use and maintenance. In this article, we discussed how to clean binoculars by sharing information on how to clean the individual parts of the binoculars.

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