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If you want to learn how to deer hunt in ground blinds, you’ll want to read on for the best tips and tricks. Ground blinds offer a number of advantages over traditional deer hunting methods, and can be an extremely effective way to take down deer.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to set it up for optimum concealment and how to hunt from one. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, read on for the best tips and tricks for deer hunting in ground blinds!

How To Deer Hunt In Ground Blinds
How To Deer Hunt In Ground Blinds

How To Deer Hunt In Ground Blinds

1. Pre-Season Scouting

It is very important that you scout the area you want to set up your ground blind.  Pre-season scouting is crucial to your success in deer hunting in ground blinds. Scouting the area will give you information about travel routes, feeding, and bedding areas. You will also learn the wind direction in that area. With this information, you can then decide the best spots to place ground blinds to get deer. We discussed the best whitetail deer hunting tips in this article and you can read it from this link.

Trail cameras can also be set up to give you more information about the area.  You won’t be there 24 hours a day. Therefore, with a trail camera, you can get more information on the deer in that area than the hours of scouting. The best trail cameras on the market today were reviewed to help you find the right one.

Additionally, if you scouted the area previously, the danger is relying on that information from previous years. Deer behaviors and routes may have changed.  With the increased presence of predators, weather changes, etc., the movement of deer may have also been altered.

Ground Blinds
Ground Blinds

2. Set Up Ground Blind In Advance

After you have scouted the area and decided where to set up your ground blind, it is important that you set it up well in advance of the hunting season. This will allow you to properly set it up and let it blend with the area. Setting it up ahead of the hunting season also allows the deer and other animals in the area to get accustomed to the ground blind.

After some time, it will not stick out to them like an odd thing. Additionally, setting up the blind ahead of the hunting season will also allow the scent to be neutralized in the area.

3. Camouflage It

It is important that the ground blind blends with the area. You have to do a good job of camouflaging it.  If deer can easily spot the blind, they will sense danger and avoid it.  Ground blinds are usually camouflaged, but you also need to work on blending them with the surrounding area using trees, shrubs, and foliage of that area.

4. Weather-Ready

It is important that the ground blind is insulated to keep you warm on cold days. You also want to make sure that the blind is big enough to accommodate all of your gear.

Hunting Ground Blinds
Hunting Ground Blinds

5. Use Scent-Free Products

Deer have a keen sense of smell. You don’t want to give away your location. Only use scent-free products when you are deer hunting. Make sure everything you wear and took along has no cigarette or food scent on it. Deer will pick that up in no time.  It is best to seal the clothes that you will wear to hunt in a bag until it’s time to go hunt. There are scent-control bags that you can use but you will have to buy them.

6. Wind Direction

Always take into consideration the wind when you set up your ground blind. Deer have a very good sense of smell and you want to set up your blind downwind of deer trails.  This will prevent the wind from taking your human scent to the deer. If they pick up your scent, they will leave the area.

7. Be Quiet and Still

It is important to not make noise and avoid any movement when you are deer hunting on the ground blind.  Deer can easily pick up noise or movement. Any movement or noise that deer pick up will cause them to leave the area.

Ground Blinds Hunting Ideas
Ground Blinds Hunting Ideas

8. Wait For The Right Shot

Always be patient and wait for the right shot. You will have to discipline yourself to take the right shot. it comes with experience and you will know when you have the right shot. Resist the temptation to take a shot that is too far away or that is just not the shot.

9. Use Decoys

Deer are curious animals. They observe changes, and new things and always go to investigate them. Use their curiosity against them by employing decoys to lure them to your location.

Ground Blinds Hunting Tips
Ground Blinds Hunting Tips

10. Use a Pop-Up Blind

Deer are less likely to notice a pop-up blind than they are to notice a traditional blind. Using a pop-up blind will increase your chances of getting the deer. Additionally, pop-up blinds are easy to set up and take down.

11. Always Be Adjusting

Deer are constantly moving and you must be prepared to adjust at any moment.

Tips For Deer Hunting
Tips For Deer Hunting

12. Get Comfortable With Your Equipment

You want to practice setting up and taking down your hunting ground blind. You want to be comfortable setting it up and taking it down.

13. Don’t Be Predictable

Don’t make the mistake of becoming too predictable. The deer can quickly observe your movements, routes, and other behaviors and start patterning you. They will figure out when and where to expect you and will avoid your hunting ground blind. Mix up your routine frequently to throw the deer off.  Alter the location of your hunting ground blind, when you hunt, and the type of deer scent you use. Mix it up to throw them off.

Hunting Ground Blind Tricks
Hunting Ground Blind Tricks

14. Be Patient

It is highly possible that even if you are doing everything right, deer won’t easily come near your hunting ground blind. Don’t expect instant success. You have to play the waiting game and be patient. How to deer hunt in ground blinds requires discipline and patience.

Do deer get used to ground blinds?
If not set up properly, deer can notice a ground blind and move away.
How close will deer get to a ground blind?
If the hunting blind is in an open spot, the deer needs to see it from at least 100 yards before they will comfortably approach it.
How long does it take deer to get used to a ground blind?
A hunting blind is a strange object to a deer. That is enough reason for you to set it up in advance of the hunting season. It is best to set it up three to six weeks ahead of time for the deer to warm up to it.
Can deer see inside a blind?
At close distances, deer can see inside a blind.

The Bottom Line

Using ground blinds to hunt deer is a great strategy. They can easily be set up and taken down.  Moreover, they provide good cover for hunters and help block your human scent.

In this article, we have discussed how to hunt successfully with a hunting ground blind. You can read about the best hunting ground blinds available today to help you choose the right one for you. You can also read the best hunting chairs, the best deer feeders, and the best hunting knives.