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If you’re into hunting coyotes at night, there are a few things you need to know. In this blog post, we will discuss tips and tricks for hunting coyotes at night, as well as how to prepare for the hunt. Coyotes are a challenging animal to hunt, but with the right preparation and knowledge, you can be successful!

Hunting Coyotes At Night
Hunting Coyotes At Night

How To Hunt Coyotes At Night

1.  To spot coyotes, use a headlamp or a spotlight.

2.  To attract coyotes to you, use a good call.

3.  Discipline yourself to be patient and wait for the coyote to show up and come close enough for a shot.

4.  Always try to shoot the coyote in the head or heart for a quick kill.

5.  Use decoys. With coyotes being very curious animals, you can lure them closer to you for a shot by using decoys. Do find out which decoys work best in your area.

Tips For Coyotes Hunting
Tips For Coyotes Hunting

6.  Always use a good rifle and scope.  Hunting at night is not the easiest way to hunt. You will need a quality rifle and scope. We discussed how to mount a scope on your rifle and you can read it from this link.

7.  Always wear camouflage clothing. You will need to conceal yourself as coyotes have excellent eyesight.

8.  Take along a hunting buddy. It’s always a good safety strategy to hunt with someone else. Additionally, two individuals make it easier to implement a hunting strategy to get coyotes.

Coyotes Hunting Tips
Coyotes Hunting Tips

9.  Be certain of your target before you shoot. This will prevent hunting accidents.

10.  Be very respectful of private property. Don’t trespass on someone’s land without permission. If you find yourself accidentally on someone’s private property, quickly get out of it.

11.  Get to know, understand, and follow all of the hunting regulations in your state before you go hunting.

12. Have fun.  Hunting coyotes is challenging and it will be easier if you make it a fun experience.

13. Always practice safety protocols, especially when handling firearms. Don’t hunt when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

14. The best time to hunt coyotes is at dawn and dusk; that is the time they are most active.

15.  Always try to set up downwind of the area you will be coming from. This will prevent them from picking up your human scent.

Coyotes Hunting Ideas
Coyotes Hunting Ideas

16. Be as still and quiet as possible when waiting for a coyote.  The slightest noise or movement can alert them and have them running away.

17.  Take a coyote hunting class. Many states offer coyote hunting classes to help hunters learn how to effectively and safely hunt coyotes.

18.  Make good use of the resources available to you. Visit your local library for books on hunting coyotes. Research the topic on the internet. Do the research and learn as much as you can.

19. Acquire a hunting license. It is required to legally hunt coyotes in most states.

20. Consider joining a hunting club or organization. It is a great way to meet other hunters and learn more about coyote hunting in your area.

21. For safety, always wear blaze orange or other bright colors that will make you visible to other hunters.

22. Always take along a flashlight to scan your surroundings.

Hunting Coyotes At Night
Hunting Coyotes At Night

23. Make it a habit to always be aware of your surroundings at all times and know where you are in relation to other hunters.

24. Be familiar with your firearm and get a lot of practice with it. Coyotes can be aggressive, therefore you must be ready at all times.

25.  Scout the area during the day to identify the best spots to hunt coyotes during the night. Keep an eye out for areas with rabbits or other small game.

26. Consider using a ground blind.  It is a good way to conceal you from coyotes.

36.  Watch out for eyeshine.

What time of night is best for coyote hunting?
An hour or two just before sunrise and a few hours after sunset are the best times to hunt coyotes.
How can you tell a coyote from a wolf or dog at night?
There are a number of ways to distinguish a coyote from a dog or wolf. First is by its howl. Coyotes howl in groups and the howl usually lasts for about eight seconds. Wolves howl alone and for longer periods of time. The howls of wolves are shorter and higher-pitched than coyotes. Dogs howls are shorter than coyotes’ howls. Dogs usually howl when they feel threatened or are excited. Additionally, you can also distinguish a coyote from a wolf or dog by its size. Coyotes weigh between 20 and 50 pounds while wolves weigh up to 175 pounds.  Lastly, you can tell a coyote from a dog or wolf by its tail. Coyotes have a bushy tail and are held down when they are running while a wolve tail is bushy but is held up when running. Dogs’ tails are not as bushy as those of coyotes and they come in all shapes and sizes.
What are some tips for calling in coyotes at night?
One of the important tips is to use a good call. Additionally, use decoys.
How do you deal with other hunters in the area when hunting coyotes at night?
Always be respectful of their hunting grounds and try not to encroach in areas where you think other hunters are pursuing game.
What is the best time of the year to hunt coyotes?
Fall and winter are the best time to hunt coyotes.
What are the dangers of hunting coyotes at night?
The major danger of hunting coyotes at night is accidents with other hunters in the area.

The Bottom Line

Hunting coyotes at night is really challenging, however; you can still be successful if you are well prepared. In this article, we share some tips and tricks on how to hunt coyotes at night. We hope you will find one or two of these tips that will help you take some coyotes home. The best hunting ground blinds on the market today were reviewed and you can read it from this link.

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