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The Atlantic croaker is the most popular croaker species. It is a member of the drum family and its habitat is muddy and sandy bottoms. The Atlantic croaker gets its name from the noise it makes when vibrating muscles push up against the bladder of the fish, causing the noise to resonate. It is a good fish for beginners to learn how to fish and it also is tasty. If you want to learn how to catch croaker, then this article will discuss the fishing techniques to help you be successful in fishing for croaker.





How To Catch Croaker
How To Catch Croaker













How To Catch Croaker

1. Drift Fishing

Drift fishing involves casting your line upstream and just letting it drift down with the current. As it drifts downward, you slowly reel in the line. If you don’t get a strike from the croaker, you just repeat the drift fishing technique once again until you are successful in getting a strike.

Drift fishing is one of the popular fishing techniques used by anglers to catch a variety of fish. You want your setup to weigh just enough so it bounces along the bottom at the speed of the current. Additionally, you should work the shore closest to you and then work your way to the shore that is the furthest from you. Also, you want to cover from the upstream end to the downstream end of the run.





2. Anchor Fishing

Anchor fishing involves dropping an anchor and using KwikFish or another type of plug wrapped in bait to get to the bottom. Atlantic croakers are bottom feeders and you want to get your bait to the bottom to catch them.





Tricks For Croaker Fishing
Tricks For Croaker Fishing










Croaker Fishing Tackle

Many croaker anglers use a 6-foot medium rod and a 12 to 20-pound test that has a double hook bottom rig. The bait is kept at the bottom thanks to the bottom rig. Hooks in the number-four to number-one size range will work for fishing croakers. Weights in the range between one and three ounces are used for the setup. Additionally, anglers use either braid or monofilament fishing lines.





Croaker Fishing Tips

1. Atlantic croakers are bottom feeders and have downfacing mouths.




Tips For Croaker Fishing
Tips For Croaker Fishing










2. Sandy or muddy bottoms are the usual habitats for croakers.




3. You can also find croakers in the surf and around bridge and pier pilings.





Ideas For Croaker Fishing
Ideas For Croaker Fishing











4. Shrimp is considered one of the best baits for croakers.




5. The best time to catch Atlantic croaker is when the temperature is in the range of 60 to 75 degrees.




6. Atlantic croaker is a schooling fish. When you locate them, there will be a lot more in that vicinity.







Croaker Fishing For Beginners
Croaker Fishing For Beginners











7. Scented lures and synthetic baits are also effective when fishing for croakers as they are bottom feeders.




8. Learn the fishing laws in the state you fish concerning size and bag limits for croakers.




9. Use hooks in the range from number one to number four.





Fishing Croaker Tips
Fishing Croaker Tips











Best Baits For Croaker

1. Squid

Squid is one of the most common baits for catching croakers. It is usually available in many areas, is cheap, and works for a variety of species. You can find squid in local hunting stores, seafood markets, and grocery stores.




2. Bloodworm

Bloodworms are another good bait for catching croakers. They bleed a lot when cut up, and this helps to attract croakers and other species of fish. Bloodworms feature 4 sharp fangs in their mouths and will bite anglers who are not very careful when handling bloodworms.





Fishing Croaker Ideas
Fishing Croaker Ideas















3. Shrimp

Fresh shrimp is also considered one of the best baits for catching croakers. They are a popular bait for catching croakers in the southern states. Additionally, they are inexpensive, available, and easy to use.




4. Nightcrawlers

Nightcrawlers are also good bait for catching croakers.




Croaker Fishing
Croaker Fishing











5. Cut Bait

Cut baits are also very popular for catching croakers. Anglers usually cut live bait like shrimps and other small fish into smaller pieces that are used as bait to catch croakers.




6. Peeler Crab

Peelers are some of the best baits for catching croakers in areas like the Chesapeake Bay. They are Atlantic blue crabs that easily shed their shells.




Croaker Fishing Tricks
Croaker Fishing Tricks










7. Soft Crab

You can also use soft crabs to catch croakers.





Croaker Fishing Ideas
Croaker Fishing Ideas











What is the best bait to use for croaker?
Some of the best baits for catching croakers are shrimps, squids, nightcrawlers, and cut bait.
What is the best time to catch croaker fish?
The best time to catch croaker is when the temperature is within the range of 60 to 75 degrees and from Summer to Fall.
What size hook should I use for the croaker?
To catch croakers, use hooks from number four to number one.
What do croakers bite on?
Croaker will bite on live and dead shrimp, squid, cut bait, soft crabs, and sand fleas.
Are croakers bottom feeders?
With their downfacing mouths, croakers are bottom feeders.
Are croakers good at eating?
Croaker is a tasty fish that makes a palatable dish when well prepared.
Do croakers bite at night?
Croakers do bite at night and the big ones are often found out at night as the hunting pressure is reduced at night as well as visibility.







The Bottom Line

Croakers are a good species of fish for the beginner as well as the experienced angler to catch. They are easy to catch and abundant. Additionally, croakers are tasty fish. In this article, we discussed fishing techniques to help you catch croakers. If you are also interested in catching walleye, then the walleye fishing tips will give you some fishing tips to catch more walleye.