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If you’re a hunter, then you know that a good scope is crucial to your success. A quality scope will help you hit your target every time, no matter how far away it is. If you’re new to hunting, or if you’ve never mounted a scope on your rifle before, don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this blog post, we give the steps on how to mount a scope on your rifle like a pro.

How To Mount A Scope On Your Rifle
How To Mount A Scope On Your Rifle

How To Mount A Scope On Your Rifle

1.  Remove The Bolt Or Action

You want to get an idea of how the scope sits on the gun. Check the user’s manual for information and diagrams. However, it is best to take a look at it. This varies for different makes and models.

2.  Choose Scope Mounting Hardware

There are two main scope mounts: the scope ring/base and the rail/scope ring setup.

A. Scope/Ring Set Up

This setup consists of a “base” and a scope ring that screws into the base. This is the most basic and common setup. It is also the lightest setup.

Mounting A Riflesope
Mounting A Riflesope

B.  Rail/Scope Ring Setup

It consists of a single rail that mounts into the barrel of the gun.  The scope rings are then attached to the rail. With the rail/scope ring setup,  it is mounted on the same plane which means the scope rings will also be mounted on the same plane.

This ensures that the scope rings are aligned and not torquing the scope at different angles. The only downside to the rail and scope ring setup is that it weighs a little bit more.

Make sure the mounting system you choose is the right fit for your hunting rifle. Also, make sure that the rings have the right diameter and height to properly position the scope.

3. Set The Scope

Place the scope in the mounting rings. Slowly and carefully lower the score into position. Tighten the screws on the rings.  Use a wrench to firmly tighten every screw.

4.  Level The Rifle

There are a number of ways to level your rifle.  Depending on the hardware that you used to mount your rifle scope, there are different methods and techniques that you can use. When you level your rifle scope, you are verifying that the rifle scope is on the same horizontal plane as the action of the gun. If your scope is not perfectly level, the gun barrel will be canted right or left and this results in you aiming slightly left or right thereby missing your target.

Mounting A Riflescope Tips
Mounting A Riflescope Tips

5.  Align Reticle

After setting the bottom half of the rings in place, position the scope and tighten the top halves of the rings so that the scope can rotate and move back and forth.  When the rifle is level, rotate the scope until the reticle is perfectly vertical and horizontal. The reticle focus determines how crisp the reticle image appears through the scope. The best red dot scopes were reviewed in this article and you can read it from this link.

6.   Adjust Eye Relief

Adjusting the eye relief is a very important step. Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the scope.  Eye relief varies depending on the size of the scope and the make of the rifle. Set the riflescope forward to make sure your eye is safe from recoil.

The rule of thumb is that you move the scope about an inch farther forward than you think it should be. Once you find the position that is right, tighten the mounting screws.

7.   Bore Sight

Adjust the vertical and horizontal axis to your desired point of aim after you insert a bore sight. Bore sighting is just a means to get your rifle to print on paper at 100 yards. If you want to properly sight in your rifle, you will have to fire test groups at the shooting range.

Mounting A Scope
Mounting A Scope

Tools Of The Trade

There are tools that will be needed to mount the scope on the rifle. It is always good to check the user’s manual to ensure you have all of the tools to get the job done.

1.  Torque Wrench

2.  Leveling Kit

3.  Gun Stabilizer

4.  Screwdriver

5. Socket Heads

How hard is it to mount a rifle scope?
It is not difficult. As shown in this article, it is just a series of steps that have to be carefully implemented.
Do I need a gunsmith to mount my scope
You don’t need a gunsmith to mount your scope. if you are meticulous and can follow directions to the letter, then you can mount the scope yourself. However, if you don’t feel confident in doing it, the best thing is to get professional help.
How far back should a scope be mounted?
A scope should be mounted 3 to 4 inches.

The Bottom Line

How to mount a scope on your rifle is a simple process that involves a series of steps; it is not difficult. There are a few steps that need to be implemented using the right tools to get the job done.

In this article, we have given the steps about how to mount a scope on your rifle. It is our hope that after reading it, you will have the information and confidence to mount a scope on your rifle. You can also read how to clean binoculars, how to focus your binoculars, and how to sight in a compound bow.